CNN 10 | May 15, 2017

source: Daily Listening    2017年5月14日
CNN 10 | May 15, 2017 | Daily Listening hightlights: Science-themed stories compose today's show. Computer science factors into a massive cyberattack that's hit hundreds of thousands of machines worldwide. Astronomy helps explain a dramatic eclipse coming to the U.S. this summer. And psychology plays into research on smartphone addiction.
Today’s broadcast of CNN 10 is on May 15, 2017.
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How To Order A Pizza - Ordering Food

source: Twominute English    2012年11月11日
What would you do if you wanted to order a pizza in English? What are the words you would say? The phrases you would use? In this lesson we discover what to say when ordering a pizza in a restaurant or on phone. Pick up the key phrases, learn those and repeat those to gain fluency.
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0:11 Let's order a pizza for lunch today.
0:13 Great idea Jacob. Which pizza do you want?
0:19 I will have cheese pizza with tomatoes and mushrooms on it.
0:23 I want olives and chicken on mine.
0:29 I am Jack your waiter. What would you like to order?
0:32 I want a pizza with olives and chicken.
0:35 A pizza for me too.
0:38 but with tomatoes and mushrooms.
0:40 That's two pizzas. Anything else?
0:42 Yes, two glasses of fresh orange juice.
0:47 Here are your pizzas. Enjoy!
0:49 Thank you.
0:51 Mmm... My pizza looks delicious.
0:55 Mine too. It's very tasty.
0:58 Would you like to have a slice from my pizza?
1:01 Sure, if you'll have a slice from mine.
1:08 The pizza parlor. What would you like to order?
1:11 Hi! I want to order a large mushroom cheese pizza.
1:16 Sure ma'am. What's your address?
1:19 Please deliver it to, 123, Acme street.
1:25 Sure! Would you like any side orders?
1:28 Yeah. Okay! Some garlic bread please.
1:33 Okay. One large mushroom cheese pizza and garlic bread.
1:39 That's right.
1:41 Your pizza will reach you in 30 minutes.
1:46 This pizza is not very tasty.
1:49 Yeah. It doesn't taste fresh.
1:52 They took a long time to deliver.
1:55 I don't like the pizza at all.
1:59 Do you want to order something else?
2:02 Yes! Let's get some burgers instead.

Animal Idioms

source: Maple Leaf ESL    2015年12月21日
In this lesson, we take a look at the following animal-related idioms: chicken out, fishy, hold your horses, pig out, cat's got your tongue, horse around/monkey around, and kitty corner.
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Learn English Slang: BITCH

source: Learn English with Ronnie!    2017年4月15日
The slang word "bitch" is everywhere these days: in movies, television, music, and even in our casual conversations. It can be a noun, a verb, an adjective, and it is also widely used in expressions. Do you know all the subtleties of "bitch"? Used correctly, it can be very powerful, but use it incorrectly, and you might get in trouble. So understand how to use the word properly unless you want to get bitch slapped!

Confusing English Verbs: SAY | TELL | TALK | SPEAK

source: mmmEnglish    2017年4月9日
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How to Say Though Thought Taught & Reiterate - American English Pronunci...

source: EnglishAnyone    2017年4月3日
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In this American English pronunciation Boot Camp video, you'll learn how to pronounce though, thought, taught and reiterate in American English so you say them correctly and sound more like a native English speaker. :)

Word Stress / Intonation (with Rachel)

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source: Rachel's English     2011年4月5日

Business English 62 (primary, secondary market research)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish    2010年2月1日
Primary market research, secondary market research.

Business English 61 (Company division, department, department head and supervisor)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish    2010年2月1日
Company division, company department, department head and supervisor.

Ice Skating - Sport Idioms

source: BBC Learning English    2009年10月29日
Three idiomatic phrases connected with the sport of ice skating:
Get your skates on;
Skating on thin ice;
Skating over something

BBC NEWS REVIEW: Are these two speeches similar?

source: BBC Learning English     2016年7月20日
Donald Trump's wife, Melania, has given a speech supporting her husband. However, she has been accused of copying parts of Michelle Obama's speech eight years ago. Listen to see if you think these speeches are similar and to learn useful phrases for talking about this story. Learn more about this and test your understanding here

New Year's Resolutions

source: Learn English with Papa Teach Me    2012年12月30日
How to express your New Year's resolutions

How to Thank People in English

source: Oxford Online English 2016年9月9日
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Have you ever received a really nice present, been invited to a wedding or had a close friend who did you a big favour? How would you thank people in these different situations? In this lesson, you can learn:
- Informal and formal ways to thank people in English.
- Different ways to say thank you and show that you are grateful.
- Specific words and phrases you can use to thank people in specific situations.

Taxes and Tipping in America

source: Shaw English Online    2014年1月30日
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Ester explains taxes and tipping in America. When you buy something in American, there are always extra taxes and how much should you tip? Watch the English video and learn about American while improving your English listening skills.

English Problem: Feminine Misunderstandings

source: Shaw English Online     2014年1月28日
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Robin talks many wrong expressions Korean students use in English.