Learn English Faster with Laughter - Step On It

source: Britlish - Linguaspectrum      2015年12月20日
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Humour is a great way to learn and remember English vocabulary like phrasal verbs, especially when the humour is presented in a very memorable way. I don't think you will get a more memorable presentation of the phrasal verb "step on" than this animated English joke.

The phrasal verb, step on, has a literal meaning and an idiomatic meaning.
The literal meaning is to place one's foot on something.
The waiter literally stepped on the steak.
What Captain Britlish meant was the idiomatic meaning of to go faster.
When you step on the accelerator in a car it goes faster. From this we get, "Step on it!".
The humour in this jokes comes from the two different meanings of the phrasal verb step on.
So, the next time you are in a restaurant, in a hurry, don't ask for your meal like Captain Britlish did.
I'd like a steak please, and step on it.

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