CNN 10 with subtitles | January 30, 2017 | Controversial U.S. travel executive order | ...

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CNN 10 | January 30, 2017 | Fridays are AWESOME | Daily Listening hightlights: Today's show explores both sides of the debate over a controversial executive order concerning travel to America. After some U.S. Supreme Court trivia, we're naming the justices that President Trump's nominee could eventually be working with. And we're following up on a story out of Flint, Michigan to see the progress and the pain surrounding the city's water crisis.
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Visual Vocabulary - To Muddy the Waters

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Today’s expression is “to muddy the waters.” This is a very common phrase meaning to make a situation or issue more complex or confusing by adding additional, and often unimportant, information or elements.
Imagine you’re standing in a shallow, beautiful stream. It’s a sunny day in the forest, and you can look down through the clear water at your feet.
The mud on the bottom of the stream is undisturbed, and you can see little fish swimming by your toes.
But, once you begin to move your feet, you send mud from the bottom of the stream up into the water, making the stream cloudy and reducing visibility.
Like muddying the waters of a real stream, when you add lots of additional, unnecessary things to a situation or issue, you make it more confusing and difficult to understand.

# “To muddy the waters” is a phrase you can use in both professional and casual situations:
A: By introducing all of that extra data at end of the meeting, Tom just muddied the waters.
B: I know. Sometimes he can explain things too much.

A: I hope I’m not muddying the waters, but there are a few other things about the project we need to consider.
B: I understand. It’s important to be thorough.

A: Stop muddying the waters! No one cares about all of these useless facts!
B: I’m sorry. Forget everything else. Just follow the instructions on the form.

A: Let me tell you exactly what we’re going to do each day on our vacation!
B: You’d muddy the waters of my enjoyment by explaining everything now. Just tell me only what we’re going to do next.

How to Sell and Convince in English featuring Fluency MC

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Join Vicki Hollett and Jason R Levine (Fluency MC) for The English Show. This week we're looking at how to sell your ideas and persuade and convince people in English. Come and join us to learn how to make friends and influence people.
Designed for #ESL English learners, this show is packed with conversation and language practice, games, a rap and great tips to help you learn faster. Ask questions, get fluent and make friends in the live chat every Sunday. There's no other show like it.
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Learn 20 Powerful Adjectives in English

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Chocolate Shop (Advanced English Lesson: Speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar, ...

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Slang: 13 Funny Word Mash-Ups in English

source: Learn English with Ronnie! [engVid]    2017年1月20日
Word mash-ups are slang terms made of two words to describe something in more detail. For example, "brunch" is a combination of "breakfast" and "lunch", and it means a meal that combines both breakfast and lunch foods. In this lesson, I will teach you many common word mash-ups that native English speakers use, such as "hangry", "skort", "shart", "ginormous", "spork", "sexting", and more. Many of these words are so common that they are almost considered standard English vocabulary, so it is important to know them. You can even create your own word mash-ups, and maybe they will become popular! At the end of the lesson, test your knowledge by doing the quiz, and don't forget to submit your own ideas for new word mash-ups in the comments section!

English at University: 9 - Learn phrases you can use in a canteen

source: BBC Learning English    2016年11月9日
It's the most important time of the day – dinner time – and Mary's gone to the canteen with Abi. But Mary's hasn't quite worked out the system for getting what she wants.
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Welcome back to English at University - the series that teaches some English phrases to help you through your first year of study abroad. It's the most important time of the day – dinner time – time for some grub – I mean food - and Mary's gone to the canteen with Abi but Mary's hasn't quite worked out the system for getting what she wants.

…some of that… and some of that… ooo, and a bit of that…

Gosh, that's a lot of food Abi.

Yeah but you can eat as much as you like here – it's the same price – so go on, fill your boots! I'll see you over at the table.

Fill my boots?

She means eat a lot! Abi may be pigging out on lots of food but you don't have to. Do you need some help Mary?

Yes please. I can't remember where anything is – and I'm a vegetarian but the food labels are so confusing.

Don't worry. Before you tuck in to a vegetarian meal, just ask 'can you tell me which food is suitable for vegetarians?' or 'has this got meat in it?' and then when you want to find stuff like the cutlery – the knives and forks – just ask 'where can I can find…' or 'do you have any…?' Go on give it a go.

OK then. Excuse me, can you tell me if you have any food suitable for vegetarians… please?

Dinner lady
Dunno… have we got any veggie stuff? Well there's the spaghetti bolognaise over there.

Ermm… has that got meat in it?

Dinner lady
Well a little bit.

Prof. Not
Hi Mary… looking for something veggie? I'd recommend the lentil dal over there… delicious… a real taste of Asia.

Thanks Professor. But what are you doing here?

Well err… my wife… Mrs Not… likes me to eat out sometimes… since I… err…not to worry.

Dinner lady
Right, anything else? I just need your meal ticket. No… that's a blue one… for breakfast… you need a red one for dinner.

Prof. Not
Allow me… I have a spare ticket… there you go.

Thanks. Now, where do I find the knives and forks?

Prof. Not
Just over here…. Oh no, it's that idiot Daniel.

Hello Mary… Professor Not… can I join you, tell you about my business idea? I got the idea from your book…. look… ooops…

Idiot! Now I have lentil dal all over my suit – what will Mrs Not say?

Oh dear. Excuse me, do you have any serviettes?

What a mess! Daniel has certainly left his mark on Professor Not but at least Mary has managed to find her way around the canteen. Here are some of the phrases she used…

Excuse me, can you tell me if you have any food suitable for vegetarians please?

Has this got meat in it?

Where can I find…?

Do you have any…?

You can practise these phrases, pick up a few more plus learn some top tips for studying in the UK on our website at Now, back to dinner – and Daniel won't be stuffing himself with food – he's got some clearing up to do.

So sorry about that… if I just scrape this bit off… err you'll be fine.

So what was your 'business idea'? Dry cleaning perhaps?

No… it was an idea to…

Never mind. See you at tomorrow's lecture. It starts at 10am sharp. Goodbye.

Oh dear Daniel. Would you like to share my food?!

'There's Something Off About Them' (There's something wrong with them.)

source: VOA Learning English    2016年12月23日
On English @ the Movies today, we teach you about the saying "there's something off about them." It is from the funny movie "Keeping up with the Joneses." The story is about two spies who move into a neighborhood. Watch our video to find out if you know what "there's something off about them" means!
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Business skills required in this digital age - Develop interpersonal skills and personality

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1. Develop good communication skills
2. Improve relationship building
3. Follow time management
4. Work on your passion
5. Be flexible and adaptable

When You Don't Get Along - Relationships English

source: Twominute English   2013年3月14日
So you are having problems with someone. You need to tell him or somebody else about the situation before it gets out of hand! In this lesson you will hear the words and phrases that you can use when you're in this sort of situation.
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0:06 In this lesson, we will learn what to say when you dislike someone’s behaviour or attitude
0:17 Hello Mr. Watson. I wanted to talk to you about something. Is this the right time?
0:23 Yes Katy. What is it?
0:25 Well, I haven't told you this before. But Ms. Annie has always been rude to me.
0:31 What happened? What makes you think that?
0:35 She’s always shouting at me no matter what. I mean, she’s always shouting for no reason.
0:42 Oh Katy. Annie’s been here for many years. That doesn't sound like her.
0:47 I’m sure there’s been some miscommunication.
0:51 I think you should talk to her and look into this matter. Its very hard to work this way.
0:57 Don't worry. I will talk to her about it.
1:00 Thank you Mr. Watson.
1:07 Come on man! Just try to be decent and courteous in this office.
1:11 What happened dude? What did I do?
1:15 I know you've been telling people some awful things. If you have a problem with me, just let me know.
1:19 There’s no need to go behind my back.
1:22 Look, I think you are mistaken. I didn't say anything about you to anyone.
1:28 I overheard you yesterday. So there’s no point in denying it.
1:33 If you want to get along with people in this office, just stop gossiping around.
1:37 This is embarrassing. I’m sorry. That won’t happen again.
1:46 I need some help from you Gerard.
1:49 What is it?
1:51 I have an interview for my visa. Can you take care of the work here ‘til I’m back?
1:56 I’m sorry Katy. I won't be able to help you this time
2:01 Oh Gerard ! Don’t do this please. It’s really important.
2:06 I know. But I’m always doing you favors and when I ask you for any, you don’t help me out. So not this time.
2:16 Oh I get it Gerard. You know what? Never mind!
2:25 Hey Jack. Have you met the new guy yet?
2:28 No. Why do you look so annoyed?
2:31 It’s Gerard. The new guy. He is just so annoying.
2:36 Why? What happened?
2:38 He’s just started here and he’s already flirting with me everywhere.
2:42 Is that so? Why don’t you tell our boss what’s going on?
2:46 Nah! I want to give him a chance so I gave him a fair warning first.
2:51 Then I guess you should avoid him for now.
2:54 Yeah. I’ll probably do that.
3:00 I wanted to talk to you about something.
3:04 But Ms. Annie has always been rude to me.
3:11 Its very hard to work this way.
3:16 I know you've been telling people some awful things.
3:22 There’s no need to go behind my back.
3:28 I’m sorry Katy. I won't be able to help you this time.
3:36 You know what? Never mind!
3:43 Why do you look so annoyed?