Moving To a Different City - Travel English Conversation

source: Twominute English    2013年7月24日
So you are moving to a new place. You must be eager to share the news with your friends, colleagues and family. Are you really happy about the change, or feeling sad about the fact that you have to leave your friends and family behind? In this lesson, we will learn about some phrases that you can use to communicate your feeling to others.
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0:06 In this lesson, we will talk about phrases that you can use to express your feelings about moving to a different city.
0:18 Hey Rosa. I've heard you are getting transferred to the corporate office?
0:22 Yeah. That's right. I'll be moving to New York in a couple of weeks.
0:27 That's really good news. From Texas to New York, huh? Life is going to be really exciting for you!
0:35 I hope so. I'm really excited about moving to New York. I've heard a lot about the city, and I'm ready to explore all its excitement and fun.
0:45 You look really happy. I wish you all the very best.
0:49 Thanks a lot Brian.
0:56 Honey! There's a letter from THY University.
1:00 What does it say, mom?
1:02 It says that your application has been accepted. But you must be there next week!
1:08 Next week?! How will I handle all this in such short notice?
1:13 This is your dream, Preity. You'll have to do it by any means.
1:18 This isn't a weekend getaway. I'll be gone for 3 years. How can I just move to a new city without proper planning?
1:23 Don't worry. I'll talk to your uncle in Washington. He'll make all the arrangements before you get there.
1:31 Well, I don't think I have much choice. Alright. I'll start packing today!
1:35 And let me call your friends over for dinner tomorrow. I'm sure you'd like to spend some quality time with your friends, too.
1:43 Aww... that's so sweet of you, mom! You're great!
1:52 What's up? Why do you look so upset?
1:55 Oh. I got a call from WHT Enterprise. I've been appointed the branch manager of their California branch.
2:03 Really? Congratulations! This is such great news.
2:06 No. Not for me, it isn't. I was aiming for the New York branch. I don't want to move to California.
2:14 Brian, look at the bright side. WHT is a leading name in the software industry. This is a great opportunity for you and your career.
2:21 I truly understand that and, I'm not letting it go. I'm just not willing to relocate to California. I have some personal reasons.
2:29 Well, you should forget about your personal problems and just concentrate on your career.
2:34 Hmm...Thanks for the advice.
2:41 Hey Rosa. How are you doing?
2:45 I'm good Ms. Helen. Glad to see you here.
2:49 Well, your mom told me you were relocating to New York. I thought it'd nice to meet you before that.
2:55 Oh. That's really nice of you.
2:57 So how are you feeling? All ready to welcome a new and adventurous life?
3:04 You're exaggerating a bit. I'm going there because of work. I don't think it's going to be that exciting.
3:11 Oh! You haven't tasted the grapes yet! Are you nervous about moving to a new city altogether?
3:20 Well... Yes, I am. I'm happy but I'm also feeling a little reluctant.
3:26 It happens. Don't worry. Everything will be just fine. It won't take long ‘till you're fully adjusted to the new environment.
3:37 I hope so. Thanks for your support, Ms. Helen.
3:45 I'm really excited about moving to New York.
3:52 I've heard a lot about the city, and I'm ready to explore all its excitement and fun.
4:06 This isn't a weekend getaway. I'll be gone for 3 years.
4:15 How can I just move to a new city without proper planning?
4:23 I don't want to move to California.
4:29 I'm just not willing to relocate to California.
4:37 I don't think it's going to be that exciting.
4:45 I'm happy but I'm also feeling a little reluctant

How to use antonyms

source: BBC Learning English    2015年10月26日
Big and small, fat and thin – If you’ve ever asked ‘How do I describe things that are opposites of each other?’, this is the 6 Minute Vocabulary for you! Finn and Catherine answer this question and explain all about antonyms – words with opposite meanings. Remember to check our website for more activities:

Slang Expressions with the letter 'U'

source: Maple Leaf ESL       2016年12月20日
In this lesson, we have a look at the following slang expressions that begin with the letter 'U': up in the air, (be) up to (something), unreal, use/user, up for grabs, underground, up to speed, under wraps, and umpteen/umpteenth.
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Comparing things with AS | English grammar class

source: Crown Academy of English      2017年5月9日
In this English grammar class, you will learn how to make comparisons with "as"
We can compare things that are equal or the same with the following structure:

“as” + adjective + “as”
Example - Mark is 6 foot tall and David is also 6 foot tall. We can say:
Mark is as tall as David.

The negative form of this structure is:
“not as” + adjective + “as”
Example: Mark is not as tall as David.
(This is another way of saying Mark is less tall then David.)

We can also make comparisons of actions that are the same using "as" with an adverb. Remember, an adverb modifies a verb.
“as” + adverb + “as”
Example - Mark is running as quickly as Jane.
(This means that they are running at the same speed.)

The negative form of this is:
negative form of the verb + “as” + adverb + “as”
Mark is NOT running as quickly as Jane.
(This means that Mark is running less quickly than Jane.)

Expressions of possibility with “as” …. “as”
If we want something to be done very quickly, we have the expression "as soon as possible":
Send me the email as soon as possible.
We can also specify the subject with expressions such as "as soon as YOU can" to compare the quantity of things (countable nouns) we use

“as” many “as”
(I have 3 pens and he also has 3 pens):
I have as many pens as him.

For uncountable nouns, we use “as” much “as”
(I have $100 and you have $100):
I have as much money as you.
(Don't forget that "money" is an uncountable noun in English.

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The accent is a British English accent.

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Different uses of ‘ABOUT’ in English

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2017年4月21日
In this Basic English lesson, you will learn how the word ‘about’ is used in different ways. Watch our Free English lessons to improve your English speaking and speak fluent English with confidence.

Be about something
Used for saying what the most basic or important aspect of something.
• Example: Loving is all about giving. (= The most important aspect of loving is giving.)
• Example: Communication is all about getting your message across.

Be about to do something
When you are about to do something, you are going to do it very soon.
• Example: I was about to go to bed when someone knocked on the door.
• Example: She arrived just as I was about to leave for work.

Be quick about it
Be quick in the way you do something.
Be slow about it means be slow in the way you do something.
• Example: Bring me that file and be quick about it. (= Bring it fast.)
• Example: Clean up this mess and be quick about it.
• Example: Our lawmakers are discussing the merits and demerits of this project, but they are being very slow about it.

Do something / nothing / anything about something
• Example: Are you going to do anything about that letter from the tax people?
• Example: Our lawmakers know that the system isn’t working, but they do nothing about it.

While you’re about it
Used when telling someone to do something at the same time as they are doing something else
• Example: Buy some fish from the market, and you can take these clothes to the laundry while you are about it.

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BBC 6 Minute English - Why did Singapore ban gum?

source: Chau Pham     2017年6月8日
This week's question
When did the Singapore government outlaw chewing gum?
a) 1982
b) 1992
c) 2002
Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

antisocial: not caring about other people and society in general
to outlaw something: make it illegal
resin: a sticky substance produced by trees
approachable: friendly and easy to talk to
chemical bond: a situation where one thing is joined firmly with another.
labour-intensive: involves a lot of people to do something
two of a kind: very similar
degrades: breaks down into smaller pieces over time
pellet: small round ball of something that has become hard

phrasal verb BREAK (part 1)

source: Rachel's English      2017年1月14日
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Asking Personal Questions in English

source: Shaw English Online     2014年1月25日
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If you are very curious about someone and want to ask about their personal details in English, then this is the perfect video for you. Robin will teach how to politely ask someone about age, marriage, etc...

From...To... | Conversation Patterns | Set 8

source: Mark Kulek       2017年5月03日

How to Link Words - Pronunciation Lesson

source: Oxford Online English      2017年3月30日
In English, we link words together, so two or more words can sound like one word. In this lesson, you can see some common examples of linking in English pronunciation. You can also see how learning about linking can help your English listening and improve your spoken English.
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Look at a sentence:
"Do you remember that time when Anna and Amy fell in the swimming pool?"
Try reading the sentence.
Can you pronounce the sentence in one sound, without any pauses?
When native speakers talk, they don’t pause between words. They pronounce whole phrases and even sentences as one continuous sound.
Linking is how you connect words when you speak, so that two words are pronounced together.
Here we can see two different types of link. You’ll learn about these ways to link words, and more, in this lesson.

You can learn:
- How to link consonant sounds.
- How to link consonants to vowels.
- How to link two vowel sounds.
- How to link words to speak more fluently in English.
- Why linking is important for your English speaking.

Business Conversation 100

source: TeacherPhilEnglish     2010年2月3日

Business English 99 (Product introduction, discontinue, product recall and replacement parts)

source: TeacherPhilEnglish    2010年2月3日
Product introduction, discontinue, product recall and replacement parts.