Comparing things with AS | English grammar class

source: Crown Academy of English      2017年5月9日
In this English grammar class, you will learn how to make comparisons with "as"
We can compare things that are equal or the same with the following structure:

“as” + adjective + “as”
Example - Mark is 6 foot tall and David is also 6 foot tall. We can say:
Mark is as tall as David.

The negative form of this structure is:
“not as” + adjective + “as”
Example: Mark is not as tall as David.
(This is another way of saying Mark is less tall then David.)

We can also make comparisons of actions that are the same using "as" with an adverb. Remember, an adverb modifies a verb.
“as” + adverb + “as”
Example - Mark is running as quickly as Jane.
(This means that they are running at the same speed.)

The negative form of this is:
negative form of the verb + “as” + adverb + “as”
Mark is NOT running as quickly as Jane.
(This means that Mark is running less quickly than Jane.)

Expressions of possibility with “as” …. “as”
If we want something to be done very quickly, we have the expression "as soon as possible":
Send me the email as soon as possible.
We can also specify the subject with expressions such as "as soon as YOU can" to compare the quantity of things (countable nouns) we use

“as” many “as”
(I have 3 pens and he also has 3 pens):
I have as many pens as him.

For uncountable nouns, we use “as” much “as”
(I have $100 and you have $100):
I have as much money as you.
(Don't forget that "money" is an uncountable noun in English.

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