CNN 10 with subtitles | February 2, 2017 | U.S. Supreme Court | Daily Listening

source: Daily Listening    2017年2月1日
CNN 10 | February 2, 2017 | U.S. Supreme Court | Daily Listening hightlights: Today, we're reporting on President Trump's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court, and we're exploring different elements of the confirmation process. That's followed by a look at tensions between the U.S. and North Korea. And our feature stories include a lava stream in Hawaii and the history of Groundhog Day.
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Visual Vocabulary - To Play the Devil's Advocate

source: EnglishAnyone    2016年11月11日
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Today’s expression is “to play the devil’s advocate.” This is an advanced expression meaning to give a counterargument, usually just to help people think more clearly.
It’s often easy to think an idea is great, so you pretend to “play,” or become, “the devil’s advocate” by arguing against the idea to test that idea’s strength. You’re advocating the opposite position that the devil might take.

# “To play the devil’s advocate” is a phrase you can use in both professional and casual situations:
A: This sounds like a good plan, but let me play the devil’s advocate for a moment. Won’t this hurt sales?
B: Actually, you’re right. Maybe we should consider something else.

A: Not to play the devil’s advocate, but shouldn’t we ask Mom before borrowing the car?
B: It’s OK. She already knows we’re going to use it.

A: If I may play the devil’s advocate, going to the party might not be a good idea because you might meet your ex-girlfriend.
B: That’s a good point! Let’s get pizza instead.

A: If someone had played the devil’s advocate, your team might not have made the wrong choice.
B: You live and learn!

Common Kitchen Nouns & Pronunciation

source: mmmEnglish    2015年9月21日
Build and practice your English vocabulary and take a tour of Emma's kitchen! You will learn 25 common kitchen nouns and the important features of a western kitchen.
In this video you will:
- Learn and practice common kitchen vocabulary.
- Focus on vocabulary building and pronunciation.
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Up to Much? | Important British English Expressions

source: ETJ English    2017年2月1日
"Have you been up to much". "Not much really, you?"
Very common phrases we hear in British English. But how do we use them? Find out all you need to know to sound more like a fluent, native speaker, in this video with ETJ English!
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Time time time (Learn English 02)

source: EF podEnglish     2007年1月25日
Learn to talk about time in English. In this beginner English lesson you will see two people talking about going to a movie together. They ask and answer questions about the movie schedule using different expressions of time. Curious about learning online with Visit for a free trial and more information. To learn a language where it is natively spoken, see .

Introductions (Learn English 01)

source: EF podEnglish     2008年3月27日
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Learn to introduce yourself in English. In this beginner English lesson you will see people introducing themselves and asking you to introduce yourself. Learn how to tell people your name and where you are from.

What does "Movement" mean?

source: Go Natural English    2015年6月2日
Add up the word "movement" to your vocabulary! Watch this!
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English at University: 12 - Learn phrases about asking for technical help

source: BBC Learning English    2016年11月28日
Mary's been set some work – to write an assignment about business. Always studious and keen to do well, she's getting on with it in the peace and quiet of the library but there's a problem.

Hello. It's time again for English at University - the series that teaches some English phrases to help you through your first year of study abroad. Mary's been set some work – to write an assignment about business. Always studious and keen to do well, she's getting on with it in the peace and quiet of the library.

…so good business needs a good plan. Hmmm.

Oh hi Mary. Beavering away?

Hello Daniel. Well we have got an assignment to write.

Yeah but we've still got three days and I work best when the pressure's on. Blimey, your laptop's a bit ancient isn't it?

It's a new one actually and it does me just fine. Look at what I've done so far… oh no!
It's frozen. If I push the arrow here nothing moves. Oh dear and I haven't saved it yet.

Proved my point eh? I've got one of those Macpad Fabs – brilliant – fast processor, huge memory, almost does the assignment for you. Anyway, look what you've got to do is just reboot – press this button here… wait a few seconds and ….

Nothing. Everything's disappeared! Daniel, what have you done?

What has he done indeed? Idiot! You've been so diligent – you've worked hard – to get this assignment done, I think you're going to need some help to get it back.

I know. But I know nothing about technology, what questions should I ask?

Don't panic. You need to find someone who knows a bit about technology and say 'I seem to have lost my work, what can I do?' or 'do you think you can restore my work please?', or say 'I turned my computer off and didn't back up my work, is there anything you can do?' – even if it was Daniel's fault. Go and see if you can get some help.

OK, I will. Oh look, there's that technology student over there. I'll ask him.

I don't think he's going to know what to do…

…excuse me. Do you remember me from the Study Skills session?

Tech Student
Oh, yes I do. I never forget anyone who uses an Acorn Fastbook 5.4 laptop.

Yes, good. Well I've got a problem… Daniel has turned off my laptop and I seem to have lost my work, what can I do?

I was just trying to reboot it.

Tech Student
Hmm. That's a silly thing to do. Let me have a look.

Thanks. Do you think you can restore my work?

Tech Student
Did you back up your work?

Err well no, not before I… I mean Daniel, switched it off. Is there anything you can do?

Tech Student
Oh dear. Well if I do this… ah there bingo! Luckily it was saved on the laptop memory. An impressive 24 gigabytes of RAM in fact. I'd advise you to back it up onto this memory stick.

It's alright mate, she can use mine.

Thanks so much err?

Tech Student
Malcolm. You're welcome. How about having a drink tonight?

Sorry I can't. I've got to study.

Well done Malcolm and well done Mary for asking for help. You got yourself out of a tricky situation by asking these questions…

I seem to have lost my work, what can I do?
Do you think you can restore my work please?
Is there anything you do?

You can practise these phrases, pick up a few more plus learn some top tips for studying in the UK on our website at So two days later, and Mary has been working in earnest to complete her assignment and now she's finished, it looks like somebody else needs some help…

Mary, Mary… my laptop's broken and I haven't even started my assignment!

Your 'Macpad Fab'?

Yeah. Don't know what's happened but it won't turn on. I couldn't borrow yours could I… and that memory stick I lent you?

OK - just to help a friend. But look after it and remember to back up your work!

Yeah of course. Why wouldn't I? You sure you won't need it tonight?

No, sure go ahead. I'm going for a drink with Malcolm tonight.

4 tips to beat and overcome procrastination - Time management & Interpersonal skills

source: Skillopedia - Skills for the real world     2016年3月12日

1. Just take the first step -
2. Eat the frog first - Start with the most difficult task first.
3. Change your environment -
4. Do not wait for the perfect time -

When you lose things

source: Twominute English    2013年3月19日
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0:06 In this lesson, we will learn what to do when you lose things.
0:15 Where have you been Katy?
0:18 I was home the whole morning. What happened?
0:21 I've been trying to reach you but your cell is always switched off.
0:26 Oh! Didn't I tell you that I lost my phone?
0:30 No, you didn’t. And this is the second one in two months
0:34 What happened this time ?
0:37 I’m not sure. I just can’t remember where I left it. It might have been at a store but I honestly don’t know
0:46 You should be more careful, Katy. We store lots of personal info on our cell phones.
0:53 Yeah I know. And it was also a new one! I feel really bad about it.
1:05 Hey Jenn. Why do you look so sad?
1:08 I was out yesterday and I can’t find my wallet ever since.
1:11 Oh, no! How much money did you have in it?
1:15 Just some pocket money. No big loss there.
1:18 I’m more worried about my school ID and library cards. I can’t believe this is happening!
1:23 Calm down. This is not the end of the world but you do have to be more careful, dear.It’s the third time this year!
1:31 I’m sorry Mom. I promise it won’t happen again.
1:34 Make sure it doesn’t
1:41 Hello Mr. Perry. I’ve lost my wallet and I was wondering if you’d know anything about it
1:46 Oh, I see. Let me check the records
1:49 So you lost it again huh?
1:52 Yeah. I think I lost it in here somewhere. I came for an extra class yesterday. I can’t find it ever since.
1:58 What time did you come for the class ?
2:01 I came in the afternoon. Around 3.
2:04 I’m sorry Jenn. No one has brought in a wallet.
2:08 You should also check the notice board.
2:11 Sure. I will do that straight away. Thanks for your help Mr. Perry.
2:20 Hey Jackson
2:21 Hey Katy. Long time since you last called.
2:25 I've just been busy with work. But I need your help right now.
2:30 Is everything okay? What happened?
2:34 I’m at the mall on George St. and I lost my car keys. I don’t know where I left them. Can you please pick me up?
2:42 I’m sorry but I’m on the other side of town right now.
2:46 Oh! I’m stuck here. What should I do?
2:51 Don’t worry. My friend has a garage near that mall. I’ll give you his number. He’ll send a locksmith within minutes
2:59 Thank you so much!
3:04 I lost my car keys.
3:08 I've lost my wallet.
3:12 Didn't I tell you that I lost my phone?
3:19 I just can’t remember where I left it.
3:25 I can’t believe this is happening!