When you lose things

source: Twominute English    2013年3月19日
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0:06 In this lesson, we will learn what to do when you lose things.
0:15 Where have you been Katy?
0:18 I was home the whole morning. What happened?
0:21 I've been trying to reach you but your cell is always switched off.
0:26 Oh! Didn't I tell you that I lost my phone?
0:30 No, you didn’t. And this is the second one in two months
0:34 What happened this time ?
0:37 I’m not sure. I just can’t remember where I left it. It might have been at a store but I honestly don’t know
0:46 You should be more careful, Katy. We store lots of personal info on our cell phones.
0:53 Yeah I know. And it was also a new one! I feel really bad about it.
1:05 Hey Jenn. Why do you look so sad?
1:08 I was out yesterday and I can’t find my wallet ever since.
1:11 Oh, no! How much money did you have in it?
1:15 Just some pocket money. No big loss there.
1:18 I’m more worried about my school ID and library cards. I can’t believe this is happening!
1:23 Calm down. This is not the end of the world but you do have to be more careful, dear.It’s the third time this year!
1:31 I’m sorry Mom. I promise it won’t happen again.
1:34 Make sure it doesn’t
1:41 Hello Mr. Perry. I’ve lost my wallet and I was wondering if you’d know anything about it
1:46 Oh, I see. Let me check the records
1:49 So you lost it again huh?
1:52 Yeah. I think I lost it in here somewhere. I came for an extra class yesterday. I can’t find it ever since.
1:58 What time did you come for the class ?
2:01 I came in the afternoon. Around 3.
2:04 I’m sorry Jenn. No one has brought in a wallet.
2:08 You should also check the notice board.
2:11 Sure. I will do that straight away. Thanks for your help Mr. Perry.
2:20 Hey Jackson
2:21 Hey Katy. Long time since you last called.
2:25 I've just been busy with work. But I need your help right now.
2:30 Is everything okay? What happened?
2:34 I’m at the mall on George St. and I lost my car keys. I don’t know where I left them. Can you please pick me up?
2:42 I’m sorry but I’m on the other side of town right now.
2:46 Oh! I’m stuck here. What should I do?
2:51 Don’t worry. My friend has a garage near that mall. I’ll give you his number. He’ll send a locksmith within minutes
2:59 Thank you so much!
3:04 I lost my car keys.
3:08 I've lost my wallet.
3:12 Didn't I tell you that I lost my phone?
3:19 I just can’t remember where I left it.
3:25 I can’t believe this is happening!