CNN Student News March 16, 2016 with English subtitles

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CNN Student News with closed caption.(You can turn it on by yourself.)
Vocabulary Quiz for EFL Students N° 00038
Brokered conventions, Atlantic oil drilling, a link between football and CTE, and a Character Study of a blind pole vaulter are all featured this Wednesday.

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CNN Student News with subtitles.

LOL!! Learn English vocabulary about JOKES: hilarious, dirty joke, LMAO.

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What's the difference between "fun" and "funny"? What do you say when you see something that makes you laugh? What is the difference between "LOL" and "LMAO"? In this interactive video, I'm going to teach you how to talk about jokes and comedy. You will learn many ways to say that you think something is funny or not funny. You will also learn what you can say if you don't understand a joke. At the end, I will tell you some jokes, and you can practise your new expressions! Don't forget to take the quiz at the end to check your understanding.

Phrasal verbs to describe your day - English Grammar Lesson

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The following phrasal verbs can be used to describe your day:
Perk up - to wake up or become alert
Ex: I always start my day with a strong cup of coffee at 6am which helps me to perk up.
Look through - To scan or go over
Ex : I look through the newspaper headlines and then get ready
Dash off - Rush to some place
Ex : I dash off to work at eight am sharp.
Come up with - To work on or prepare
Ex : I came up with a quick presentation for the upcoming meeting
Heat up - To warm up
Ex : I heat up my lunch at 1 pm during lunch break.
Flesh out - To ideate and describe in detail
Ex: I flesh out ideas for a new project after lunch break.
Wrap up - Meaning :To wind up or finish
Ex: I wind up work by about five pm and head home .
Stock up - To buy in bulk or large quantity
Ex : I stock up on groceries for the week on my way home.
Warm up - To stretch and prepare the body for work out
Ex: I do a light warm up and then go for a short jog in the evening.
Meet up - To meet with or catch up
Ex : I meet up with a few friends after dinner.
Doze off - To go to sleep
Ex: At night I read a bit and doze off.

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5 Forgotten funny idioms in English

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1. When pigs fly: This idiom is used when you want to say ‘something will never happen’.

2. Cats got your tongue: This idiom is used for someone who is oddly suspicious and keeps silent. If somebody is silent and does not answer your question, it means cats got his tongue.

3. Bob’s your uncle: This idiom means that everything is alright or there you go. It is commonly used in Britain. So if you want to say ‘there you go’ or ‘finally your project is ready’ you can use the idiom ‘Bob is your uncle’.

4. Van Gogh: Now, Van Gogh was a deaf artist. So if someone uses this idiom for you, do not get happy. They are actually being very sarcastic. SO, if someone tells you, “You’ve got Van Gogh’s ear for music”, do not take it as a compliment. They mean that you have a poor taste for music.

5. Pardon my French: When you use swear words and make an apology, this idiom is an informal way of doing so. So you can always follow a swear word by saying ‘Please pardon my French.”

English Grammar: Should you use DO or BE?

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Should you say "Where do you from?" or "Where are you from?" Is the correct question "What do you do?" or "What are you do?" Are both forms correct, or is one of them completely wrong? In this lesson, I will erase your doubts about this common problem English learners have when they start forming questions. Are you ready? Do you want to improve your English grammar? Are you going to watch the lesson?

Ice Hockey (Learn English via Listening Level 3 - Lesson 8)

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English Conversation 29

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