CNN 10 - March 6, 2018 | A U.S. Aircraft Carrier Arrives Off the Coast of Vietnam

source: NEWS with Subtitles      2018年3月5日
International events and animal stories compose today's edition of CNN 10. We're reporting on talks on the Korean Peninsula, the presence of a U.S. aircraft carrier in Vietnam.
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09 Beautiful English Idioms with ‘TIME’ to speak English like a Pro

source: Learn English with Let's Talk          2018年2月2日
This English speaking practice lesson has a lot of simple and unique time-related English idioms that can be used in day to day English conversation. If you hear native English speakers or people who speak fluent English, they always use these beautiful English idioms in spoken English. These idioms would certainly as a pinch of style to your English communication skills and make you sound in English like a pro. Have a look at the list and the watch the video to understand how they can be used.
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On the spur of the moment – take a spontaneous or instant decision
Ex: Claire decided to take a holiday on the spur of the moment.

In the interim –a short period of time between events
Ex: Since the branch head was on leave, the assistant manager took charge of the branch office in the interim.

Against the clock – to have very little time to complete some work
Ex: We need to hand over this presentation by 5pm; we are working against the clock.

In broad daylight – when something happens that is clearly visible
Ex: The robbery took place in broad daylight.

Living on borrowed time – surviving a near-fatal accident or illness
Ex: After surviving the bike accident, John feels like he is living on borrowed time.

Better late than never- to achieve something later in life than expected
Ex: I have finally decided to learn swimming, better late than never.

Have the time of your life- to have an amazing/ unforgettable experience
Ex: Jane had the time of her life on her holiday.

The time is ripe- The best time or the most advantageous time
Ex: Since student loan rates are low, the time is ripe to apply for a loan to study further.

All in good time – be patient and things will happen
Ex: I can’t buy a house now, but I’m sure it will be possible soon, all in good time.

Daily American Idioms Series - Topic 1: Trade

source: Helena Daily English     2018年2月6日
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Pets Word Association with English speakers

source: Learn English with       2018年2月1日
Discover the word association game played by 5 native American English speakers!
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How to use "Participle Phrases"

source: Englishing        2018年2月4日
First, Marc starts talking about the difference between a clause and a phrase. Then he proceeds by giving four different formulas to use when using participle phrases. On each formula he provides two examples. Before finishing the lesson, he explains the difference between a gerund phrase and a participle phrase which students easily misconceive.
This lesson is designed for intermediate students who wish to improve their English grammar, and for those above levels who wish to clear up doubts about this topic.

Connectors & Conjunctions: And, Or, So, Because & Although

source: Simple English Videos     2018年2月2日
And, or, so, because, although - these English connectors or conjunctions will help you signal how your thoughts are connected when you're speaking.

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Different Ways to Say "Yes" & "No" | Useful English Expressions

source: Interactive English       2018年1月22日
Two of the most common responses in English are "Yes" and "No." So here are some useful expressions that you can use instead of these plain and simple words.
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4th of July special: US & UK differences

source: Speak English with Christina      2017年7月4日
It's been 241 years since the USA separated from the UK. What are some differences between Americans & Brits? Find out!
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Present Simple and Present Continuous for the Future

source: Practice English with Paul       2015年6月27日
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25 of the Most Common Phrasal Verbs #9: set up

source: Gerry English Expressions     2018年1月23日
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Difference in British & American Formal English pronunciation

source: Learn English with Let's Talk      2018年1月29日
In today’s English lesson you are learning the difference between British & American English pronunciation related to Formal English used in spoken and written English. Learn the correct pronunciation instead of imitating native speakers, because if you make mistakes in your pronunciation you might confuse native speakers. Also, learn what phrases that are acceptable while writing a formal email as spoken & written English is different. We are sure you would find this English lesson extremely useful to improve your level of English. Although the phrases used in this lesson are very basic but are useful even for the advanced English learners as they confuse even students with a higher level of English proficiency. Let us know in the comment section, how you found this ESL lesson.
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