Idioms to describe people and their personality type

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Idioms to describe people and their personality type - English Grammar lesson
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A daredevil is a person who takes unnecessary risks and does extremely dangerous activities just to seek attention.
Example: John’s daredevil stunts with the skate board are sure to end in a disaster someday.

This idiom is specifically used for adults who always complain for very little things in life. Their complaints are for no reasons and they sometimes even cry about it.
Example: When Michelle’s brother complained about the train being late, she told him not to be a crybaby.

People who probably have a lot of money but are very careful while spending their money or they don’t spent it freely can be called as cheapstake. You could also call such a person ‘Stingy’. In other words they avoid spending money to an extreme degree.
Example: William is such a cheapstake, he always buys clothes at a sale and sees how he could further discount them.

You could call someone a barrel of laugh, who is very funny and makes you laugh all the time with their funny jokes for every situation. Over years the meaning of this idiom has changed and could be also used for people who have an annoying sense of humor.
Example – This replica of the board game on mobile is a barrel of laughs.

When you cannot predict what some people might just do or say, you could call them as an ‘Oddball’
Example: My manager always has some oddball ideas at the meeting.

People who create problems or difficulties for others on purpose or intentionally are called troublemakers.
Example: Smith has the reputation of being a troublemaker at the high school, he is the most disliked student by teachers.

Something that is exceedingly old could be referred as ‘Old as the hills’ . It means it has existed for a very long time.
Example: Difficult relationship between couples are nothing new; the problems are as old as the hills.

This idiom is used as an adjective phrase to describe someone who is way too crazy.
Example: Don't pay any attention to Mary’s tricks; she's nutty as a fruitcake.

English in a Minute: No Pain No Gain

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SAT Vocabulary List 32

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Please take Cornell notes on these words and write down any examples that will help you to remember their meaning. Remember, your can pause this recording at any time if it is going too fast.

Basic MATH vocabulary in English

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Accent Training E07 - Vowel sound /ɘ/ 'uh' as in FUN

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2013年4月13日
Lips: Your lips are completely relaxed and slightly parted not too much.
Tongue: Your tongue is relaxed and stays at the middle position.
Common Spelling Patterns for /ɘ/ ( uh sound) are :
u duck, fun, summer
o dove, come son
ou cousin, country, enough

Word Pairs for Practice
1. tough luck
2. jump up
3. fun in the sun
4. number of guns
5. wonderful subject
6. under the rug
7. number one
8. undercover
9. enough money
10. Sunday Brunch

Practice Sentences
1. His brother doesn't trust us.
2. What country does he come from?
3. I had another fun summer in London.
4. I don't have much stuff in the trunk of my truck.
5. I love the sunny summer months.

Renting A Car - How To Rent A Car in English

source: Twominute English    2014年2月22日
Do you know what to say in English when you rent a car? What are the sentences and words that you'll use? We'll learn that in this lesson. By the end of it, you should be able to confidently speak in English when you rent a car.

0:12 Hello! Good to see you here.
0:14 From time to time, we may need to rent a car.
0:17 It might be because our own car is being repaired, or maybe we’ve flown somewhere and need a car there.
0:22 So what do you need to know in order to rent a car?
0:26 You need to communicate your needs and wants effectively.
0:29 So let’s listen to some conversations about renting a car and build up our vocabulary.
0:34 Don’t forget to practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the dialog anywhere you want!
0:40 It will help you build up your English fluency.
0:43 So let’s get started!
0:51 Hi, I would like to rent a car.
0:54 What type of car would you like?
0:56 What options do I have?
0:58 Well, we have all kind of cars available, from small size to SUV’s. You just need to take your pick.
1:05 Alright. I’ll go with something in the middle range. How much would a mid size car cost?
1:11 It would cost you around $40 per day.
1:14 Alright. I’ll go with that then.
1:23 How long do you need the car?
1:25 I think a week or so. I’ll be staying in the city for a week and I’ll be needing it for commuting.
1:30 What’s your full name?
1:31 It’s George Atkins.
1:33 Where do you live?
1:35 North Carolina.
1:36 Do you have a valid driver’s license?
1:38 Yes. Do you need anything else from me?
1:40 Yes. Please sign the form. you can get the key from reception.
1:50 How much would an SUV cost?
1:52 You can rent the SUV for $100 per day.
1:56 Wow! That's really expensive! What about the fuel?
2:01 The tank is full. But you need to refill it before returning the car; otherwise we charge $5 per gallon.
2:08 Renting an SUV is really an expensive deal. Ummm, how would you like me to pay?
2:15 We take credit cards only.
2:17 Okay, here’s my credit card.
2:19 You can pick up your car from the garage downstairs.
2:22 Please remember to return the car by 5 pm tomorrow. We charge an additional $10 per hour after that.
2:37 I would like to make a reservation for the car at Los Angeles Airport.
2:40 When is your flight getting in?
2:42 I’ll be landing in LA on April 20th in the evening.
2:46 Alright. Under what name should I make the booking?
2:49 Perry Johnson, please.
2:51 Alright. Just to let you know, if you need to cancel the booking,
2:54 please do it 24 hours in advance or you’ll be charged a day’s rental.
2:59 I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you!
3:10 Taking your pick is choosing what you want from a variety of options.
3:14 You can take your pick of cars, flights, magazines, beverages, almost anything.
3:25 Traveling from one place to another repeatedly is commuting.
3:28 If you’re staying in a hotel and going back and forth to an office
3:32 you’re commuting from the hotel to the office and back.
3:39 A garage is what is specifically build for parking cars and other vehicles.
3:45 Your house may have a garage for your personal car, and the airport would have a much larger one for all the rental cars.
3:57 When you make a reservation something’s set aside for you. It means no one else will be able to use it
4:03 A rental car may be reserved so that if you want the red BMW, no one else can take it first.
4:14 Hiring a car means renting a car.
4:16 When you rent a car, you pay to use it for a temporary period and you will have to return it after that.
4:25 Thank you for watching this lesson. We’ll be back with a new one tomorrow.
4:29 Do come back and watch it!
4:30 Did you like this lesson? Please don’t forget to hit the like button!
4:34 Also comment below and let us know your questions
4:37 See ya tomorrow!


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