Phrasal Verbs with 'MOVE'

source: Maple Leaf ESL       2018年2月20日
In this lesson, we take a look at the following phrasal verbs that use the word, 'move': move away, move in, move in on, move on, move out, move over, and move up.
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How to Learn & Practice English by Yourself

source: Interactive English      2018年1月20日
The internet is one of the best teachers simply because we have access to it. So here are some sites and resources that you can use to practice and improve your English skills.

Links to Resources in This Lesson:
1. Hangman

2. Crossword Puzzles
Easier/Great for ESL and to print:
More difficult: 1.

3. Spot the difference
Google image search "spot the difference"

4. Emoji Stories
Three random emojis (does not work with Chrome, but works with Safari):
longer story:
Apps: Guess the emoji (also on Android), emoji quiz, what emoji?
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11 uses of the verb 'GET': get going, get together, getting on...

source: Learn English with Gill (engVid)     2018年2月7日
The verb "get" is used all the time in English, and in many different ways. In this vocabulary lesson I will give you some slightly advanced examples of how it is used. We'll go over eleven different uses. So, why not get a move on, get yourself together, and watch the video! Be sure to also watch my other video on ways to use "get" to take your learning even further!
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"Can AFFORD" something

source: Crown Academy of English       2018年1月30日
What does "can afford" mean in English?
In this lesson, you will learn the form, meaning and use of "can afford"
In particular, you will learn the present and past form for both the affirmative and negative.
I also explain the use and meaning of these 2 structures:
can afford + noun phrase
can afford + infinitive
Finally you will learn the meaning and use of the derived word "affordable".

There are several example sentences throughout the video lesson.
There are some English exercises at the end of the video to test your understanding.
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Online English lessons & speaking practice:
IELTS online course review:
Sales meeting:
How to pronounce the past form -ED:
Common English proverbs:

CNN 10 - March 5, 2018 | a huge colony of penguins is found in Antarctica

source: NEWS with Subtitles       2018年3月4日
With the northeastern U.S. recovering from one storm and bracing for another, we're kicking off the week with an explanation of what nor'easters are, how they form, and when they're likely to strike. Penguins also factor into today's show, following the discovery of a "super colony" of them in Antarctica. And a young biologist works to develop a new method of detecting certain types of cancer.
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Your Internet Slang Guide! - Learn English

source: Learn English with      2018年2月1日
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more, less, fewer

source: LearnAmericanEnglishOnline       2018年2月26日
An English teacher explains why we choose from among the words "more," "less," and "fewer" when describing nouns.

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37 English Vocabulary Words for Describing Appearance

source: Espresso English       2018年2月17日
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At The Airport: Getting Through US Customs

source: Speak English with Christina      2017年6月27日
All the questions they ask you when you go through US customs. Here's how to understand and answer them.
***comprehension exercises:
How to pronounce “going to”:
Shit vs sheet pronunciation lesson:
Boost your accent: The rhythm of English:

English Movie - English Explanations: JOY (2015) (Jen...

source: Gerry English Expressions        2016年6月28日
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synonyms like & dislike

source: Practice English with Paul       2015年6月27日
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How to use the verb 'DO'

source: Your English Web       2016年5月30日
In this English grammar lesson you will learn how we use the verb 'to do' in English as both an auxiliary verb and an ordinary verb.

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