Common Mistakes with Prepositions (at, in, on) for Beginners

source: Twominute English
# (explanation)
# at school
--Hey, Megan. What time is the test tomorrow?
--Hi, Kyle. It begins at eight o'clock. Are you prepared?
--Yes, but I still want to review some. We're meeting at Susan's house. Wanna come?
--Sure, thanks. Can you pick me up? I'll be at my mom's house at three.
--OK, I'll be there.
# in class 
--Good morning, Professor.
--Good morning, Kyle. You seem to be in a good mood.
--Yes. In the summer, I always feel good. Especially in the mornings.
--Really? Why?
--Here in Miami we have perfect beach weather. And I really like to surf.
--I see. In 2003, I participated in a surfing championship in Australia.
--Wow! Did you win?
--No. But I had a great time there. I arrived in August and I left in October. It was fantastic.
# on Friday
--Hi, Megan. Do you have plans for tonight?
--Yes. I'll do what I always do on Fridays. I'm going dancing. On April 6 there'll be a competition. The winner gets a trip to France.
--Well, good luck! By the way, Eric called and left a phone number. I put a note on the wall, next to the phone.
--OK, thanks, mom. Do you know where my yellow socks are? I saw them on the floor in the living room yesterday, but they're not there now.
--I put them on your bed.
--Thanks, mom. I'm going to the mall on Sunday and I'll buy you a beautiful gift.
--I would prefer if you didn't leave your things on the floor, dear.

Basic English vocabulary for restaurants

source: JamesESL   2013年9月27日
# difference between fast food, casual dining and fine dining
# how many people with you:
--party of 4 / table for 4 (people)
# on/about the menu:
1. appetizer / starter
2. main (course) and sides
3. dessert
# other relevant words/expressions
--specials; the special of the day; prix fixe; etc.
--tax and tip