Inadvertently - English Vocabulary

source: Learn English with Let's Talk  2013年12月15日
Inadvertently - English Vocabulary Lesson # 104 - Learn English online
There are many things that you may not say or do deliberately. The word inadvertently basically means you do something unintentionally or inattentively.
An inadvertent action is the one that you do without realizing or without being conscious of what you are doing.
It also means you are careless and negligent while performing a task.
The word inadvertently is an adverb as it describes the action of something done carelessly or unintentionally.
Inadvertent is an adjective as it describes something being characterized by the lack of attention, unintended or negligent. 'Inadvertence' is a noun.
For example, in a crowded place, you step on someone's toes unknowingly. It means you didn't do it purposefully and happened advertently.

Example 01 : Lost in deep thoughts, Maria inadvertently boarded the wrong train to work.
Example 02 : While fidgeting with his mother's new camera, little Ben inadvertently deleted some photos from it.
Example 03 : John and his friends were shocked when the fortune teller spoke inadvertently about John's past life.
Example 04 : The customer politely returned the food as she was served the wrong dish due to inadvertence on behalf of the steward.
Example 05 : Viruses can be spread inadvertently through data exchange via Bluetooth.
Example 06 : Marc's inadvertent harsh statements made his wife very upset.
Example 07 : Smoking around people is harmful as they inadvertently inhale the smoke and become passive smokers.
Example 08 : On losing his I-pod, mother told Ryan sternly, " Don't have such an inadvertent attitude towards your belongings."
Example 09 : Sam was trying to fix an inadvertent error that occurred in his laptop.
Have you ever done something inadvertently and regretted the same later ?