CNN Student News - May 05, 2016 - English Sub

source: Thanh Do  2016年5月5日
Learning English with CNN Student News
CNN Student News with subtitles.

CNN Student News May 4, 2016 with English subtitles

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May 4, 2016 CNN Student News with subtitles, closed caption (You can click it on by yourself).

source: CNN     2016年5月3日
A U.S. service member is killed in Iraq, hundreds of teachers protest in Detroit, and a study looks into mobile device addiction among teenagers.

How to improve English listening skills

source: Crown Academy of English     2016年3月29日
In this video, I give you 5 tips for how to improve English listening skills.
It is important to listen to materials from a wide variety of sources, in particular with conversations from people with different English accents.
Regular practice doing listening comprehension tests and quizzes with subtitles and/or the text (transcript) on the screen is a great way to learn and improve.
Make sure you do exercises for your level of English: beginner, intermediate or advanced.
Mejorar la habilidad para escuchar inglés.
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Introducing a friend (English Conversation For Beginners - Lesson 14)

source: Daily English Conversation    2016年3月19日
Learn English Conversation For Beginners (100 Lessons).
Lesson 14 - Introducing a friend.
Michael : Robert, this is my friend, Mrs. Smith.
Robert : Hi, Nice to meet you.
Mrs. Smith : Nice to meet you too.
Robert : Mrs. Smith, what do you do for work?
Mrs. Smith : I'm a doctor.
Robert : Oh. Where do you work?
Mrs. Smith : New York University hospital in New York City. What do you do?
Robert : I'm a teacher.
Mrs. Smith : What do you teach?
Robert : I teach English.
Mrs. Smith : Where?
Robert : At a high school in New Jersey.
Mrs. Smith : That's nice. How old are you?
Robert : I'm 32.

English Expressions with the Word 'BOOK'

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2015年1月4日
Try every trick in the book
Every clever or dishonest way that you know to achieve something that you want.
Example : He used every trick in the book to get her to sign the contract.

An open book
Available for anyone to see or know about your personal life.
Example :Your health secrets will be an open book to anyone who can do an online search.

Wrote the book on
To be very authoritative about something; To Know nearly everything about, (Always in past tense.)
Example : Ted wrote the book on unemployment. He's been looking for work in three states for two years.

To borrow a book of somebody's book
To copy something that someone else does because it will bring you advantages
Example : Maybe I should borrow a page out of Robert's book and start coming in at ten every morning.

One who spends much time reading or studying.
Example : She was always a bookworm when she was a kid.

One for the record books
A record-breaking or very remarkable act.
Example : What a dive! That's one for the record books. I've never heard such a funny joke. That's really one for the record books.

Hit the books
To study hard.
Example : I spent the weekend pounding the books. I gotta go home and hit the books. I have finals next week.

Going by the book
To do something exactly as the rules tell you.
Example : My lawyer always goes strictly by the book.

Cook the books
To record false information in the accounts of an organization, especially in order to steal money.
Meaning: One of the directors had been cooking the books and the firm had been losing money for years.

Don't judge a book by it's cover
Something that you say which means you cannot judge the quality or character of someone or something just by looking at them.
Example : She doesn't look very intelligent, but you can't judge a book by its cover.

Learn English Phrases - Play it by ear / Play it safe

source: Espresso English   2015年2月14日
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Everyday or every day?

source: English Lessons with Adam    2013年3月15日 Every day, people confuse everyday words in English. In this lesson we will see the big difference a little space between words can make, and how misunderstanding can happen because of it.

English Grammar - comparing with LIKE & AS

source: English Lessons with Adam    2013年4月13日 This lesson is not like others. You can compare with 'more', but can you do it with 'like' or 'as'? This lesson will help you compare things and actions correctly and help you write and speak as a native speaker does. Test yourself on this lesson with the quiz: