CNN 10 - May 18, 2018

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Learn 5 English expressions with MAKE

source: Crown Academy of English        2018年4月3日
Here are the expressions and phrases that you will learn in this lesson:
make a fortune
make a scene
make one's mind up
make fun of someone
make something up

During the video, for each expression, I explain the definition and meaning, pronunciation and then give you some examples with photographs.
The accent is British English, spoken by a native speaker.

Learn English through Movies | Brad Pitt & Fight Club

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How To Make Colors Foam Clay Bears Toy DIY

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Talking Culture: Why Brits Don't Tip Well!

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How much should you tip a waiter in the US?
How much should you tip for a cocktail? How much for a fancy cocktail?
How much tip does a taxi driver get?
Today the amazing Dan Fox teaches me all about tipping in the US and how to be a good tipper!

This video improves your IELTS Speaking Part 2!

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Three Communication Codes in American Business

source: Speak English with Christina        2018年4月23日
1. The importance of small talk
2. How to situate yourself in the hierarchy, when everyone seems friendly and relaxed
3. How to interpret frequent interruptions
4. What to do if you hear "Get to the point" or "Cut to the chase"

Just the ticket: The English we Speak

source: BBC Learning English        2018年1月22日
Has Feifei taken Rob's birthday present too literally? He'd like something that he really wants or needs but as he discovers, his gift is right under his nose! Find out what it is and learn an authentic English phrase that might be 'just the ticket' for something you want to say!

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Hello, I'm Feifei, and this is The English We Speak and today I'm with Rob. Hi Rob, how are you?

Hi Feifei… I'm fine but I can't quite understand why you've brought me to a railway station.

Isn't that obvious?

No. And what's that piece of paper you're waving in your hand?

Oh this? This is a ticket.

A ticket. Why would you bring me to a railway station and show me a ticket? It's cold and we could be in a warm studio presenting this programme. And anyway, don't you know it's my birthday and we're supposed to be going out to celebrate later?

I know it's your birthday, you told me last week and you said something about wanting a present that was 'just the ticket'. So here it is.

Oh Feifei – I didn't want a ticket – when I said 'just the ticket' I meant I wanted something that was exactly what I wanted or needed: A camera, a computer game or maybe a nice bottle of whisky.

Oh right, I see.

Oh dear, what a wasted trip Feifei. Now we're here, let's hear some more examples of the phrase 'just the ticket'…

Oh I feel terrible: I've got a cold and my nose it blocked but a drink of hot honey and lemon would be just the ticket to make me feel better.

I think a new art gallery will be just the ticket for improving the image of the town and encouraging more people to visit.

Our car has got seven seats, so it's just the ticket for taking all the kids to football practice every week.

So that's 'just the ticket' – which describes something that exactly what is wanted or needed. OK Rob, so you wanted something for your birthday that was 'just the ticket' – well you're looking at it.

You Feifei?

No Rob. This ticket in my hand. Have you actually looked at it?

OK let me see… Wow! A train ticket to Paris, for me? That's really generous of you. Thanks Feifei! When do we go?

We? No, it's just one ticket – I couldn't afford two. Now look, the train's about to leave so you had better go. Have a good trip!

Oh right. Well I had better go. See ya.

Bye Rob. Phew, two days in the office without Rob – that is 'just the ticket' for me!

So and Such: The Grammar Gameshow Episode 14

source: BBC Learning English         2018年1月10日
Welcome to the Grammar Gameshow! Test your knowledge in this crazy quiz! The presenter is a bit strange, the points don't make sense and the prizes could use some improvement, but at least the grammar is correct!
Well done, Mark! He has survived through to another round. But don’t relax just yet, here comes Selene, our newest contestant. Together, they will have to face the awesome might of 'so' and 'such'. Those two little intensifiers that allow us to modify adjectives and nouns! Will Mark or Selene win? Can you answer their questions? What’s that weird energy between them? Find out in this episode of the Grammar Gameshow!

English @ the Movies: 'Leaving To Chance'

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News Words: Ominous

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How to Use the Definite Article (THE) & Zero Article (X)

source: Interactive English      2017年7月29日
Articles are those tricky little words we often find before nouns. Sometimes we use them and sometimes we don't. In this lesson, we'll look at the difference between the Definite Article (THE) and the Zero Article (X). We'll talk about how to use these articles (or how NOT to use them), and some of the rules we should follow to help us become better speakers and writers.

Talking About Your Flight - Learn English Vocabulary

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Three-Word Phrasal Verbs #2

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