Appliances (English Picture – Lesson 11)

source: Daily English Conversation     2016年1月25日

(2015上-商專) 英文文法與修辭(一)--張秀珍/空中進修學院 (1-18)

(2015上-商專) 英文文法與修辭(一)--張秀珍/空中進修學院 (1-18) 

CNN Student News February 2, 2016 with English subtitles

source: Thanh Do    2016年2月4日
CNN Student News with subtitles.

source: ANTONIO GALIMBERTI   2016年2月1日
CNN Student News with closed caption. (You can click it on by yourself) 
Vocabulary Quiz for EFL Students N° 00033
A Greek island is praised and criticized for its response to Europe's migrant crisis, and a doctor discusses deepening concerns about repeated head trauma.

Jessica's First Day of School (English Listening Level 1 - Lesson 2)

source: Daily English Conversation   2016年1月28日

Today is Jessica's first day of kindergarten.
Jessica and her parents walk to school.
Jessica's Mom walks with her to her classroom.
Jessica meets her teacher.
His name is Mr. Parker.
The school bell rings at 8.45 A.M..
Jessica hugs and kisses her Mom goodbye.
Jessica's Mom says "I love you."
At 9.00 A.M., Jessica stands for the National anthem.
Mr. Parker calls out children's names.
Each child yells back "Here."
Mr. Parker teaches them about letters.
Mr. Parker teaches them about numbers.
At 10:15 A.M. the students have recess.
Recess is fun.
The students get to play and eat.
At 10:30 A.M. the students go to gym class.
At 11:15 A.M. the students return to Mr. Parker's classroom.
Mr. Parker tells the students to sit on the carpet.
Mr. Parker reads the students a story.
Mr. Parker teaches the students a song.
The lunch bell rings.
Jessica's first day of school is over.
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English Conversation 02

source: Trung Mai     2015年10月23日

English Way DVD 05 with English subtitles

sources: Katherine Canuck / English Subtitles      2016年1月27日
Learn to tell the time, to ask the price, anniversaries and useful expressions for the restaurant, shopping and talking about the weather.
Lesson 1 - I'd like some wine tonight // countable nouns and uncountable "some" and "any "
Lesson 2 - Shopping // "to like" comparatives and superlatives
Lesson 3 - What about me? // "to need" • "why" and "because" • "there is" and "there are"


source: 美国之音中文网   2012年8月29日
five o'clock shadow 鬍子茬
morning person 習惯早起的人 
commute 通勤上下班
bumper to bumper  塞车