CNN Student News with subtitles - November 11, 2016 | Donald Trump Calls Meeting Barack...

source: NEWS with Subtitles    2016年11月10日
A highest-level meeting at the White House leads off today's show, covering a get-together of the U.S. president Barack Obama and president-elect Donald Trump. Afterward, a report on Veterans Day explores the history of the day itself and the sacrifices made by today's veterans and their families. And finally, a shipwreck tells tales off the northern coast of Lake Superior.
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10 English Phrases for Describing Relationships

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2016年10月17日

Best of friends –
You are best of friends with someone when you are extremely close and friendly with that person.
Example - John is best of friends with Patricia.

Not on speaking terms –
When you are angry or upset with someone and no longer talk to that person it means that you are not on speaking terms with that person.
Example - I am not on speaking terms with Adam.

Friends with benefits-
Two friends who share a sexual relationship without any emotional bonding are known as friends with benefits.
Example - Many people these days have friends with benefits.

Inseparable –
People who are inseparable have a very close relationship and spend most of their time together.
Example - Aaron and Sam are inseparable these days.

Intimate –
A very close personal relationship especially a sexual one.
Example - She shares a very intimate relationship with Peter.

Platonic –
A very friendly and affectionate relationship not involving sex.
Example - Their relationships is purely platonic.

Bromantic –
Very close friendship between two straight men.
Example - Adam and Tom are absolutely bromantic.

Illicit –
A relationship which is not accepted by the law or the people.
Example - She has an illicit relationship with a married man.

It's complicated –
This relationship status can be used for the people who are very confused about their type of relationship they share. May be it is a long distance relationship or may be its a very brittle relationship then it can be described as complicated.
Example - My relationship with Shane is complicated.

One way relationship –
When one person puts everything and try to make that relationship work however the other person is least interested then it is considered to be a one way relationship.
Example - I hate these one way relationships, it just upsets me too much to see only one person putting in all the efforts.

Vocabulary from the U.S. election results

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CNN Student News with subtitles - November 10, 2016 | Trump wins US election: How world...

source: NEWS with Subtitles    2016年11月9日
Democrats and Republicans deliver speeches calling for unity, and international leaders and markets react to the U.S. election.
Unity is the thread that weaves together today's first three stories. In a concession speech from Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton, a statement from President Barack Obama, and an address from House Speaker Paul Ryan, you'll hear calls for unity in the U.S. We're also examining reactions from international leaders and markets to the election of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.
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Hillary Clinton Concession Speech

source: VOA Learning English    2016年11月9日
Hillary Clinton publicly admitted losing the presidential election on Wednesday. She spoke of the pain of defeat and hopes for the success of Donald Trump’s presidency.
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Donald Trump Victory Speech

source: VOA Learning English   2016年11月9日
On Election Day, Donald Trump was voted America's 45th president. In the early hours of the next day, he gave a victory speech to the nation. He will be officially sworn into office January 20, 2017.
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BBC 6 Minute English | THE EARTH CORE | English CC | Daily Listening

source: Daily Listening    2016年10月9日

0:06 Now, have you read any books by Jules Verne?
0:08 Yes, I have.
0:10 Journey to the Centre of the Earth was my favourite book as a child!
0:13 A German Professor and his two companions climb down a volcano in search of the Earth’s
0:18 centre – or core.
0:21 They visit strange lands inhabited by dinosaurs and giant prehistoric humans, and sail across
0:26 an underground ocean.
0:28 Hmm.
0:29 Very exciting but it doesn’t sound very realistic.
0:33 How do they get out again?
0:34 Well, they shoot to the surface from the mouth of Mount Etna during a volcanic eruption.
0:39 Wow!
0:40 That sounds very uncomfortable!
0:41 Well, on today's show we're going to discuss what scientists really know about the Earth's
0:46 core.
0:47 Yes.
0:48 The Earth has a dense inner core surrounded by a fluid outer core.
0:52 Dense, by the way, means heavy in relation to its size.
0:57 But, Rob, I've got a question for you as usual: how big do you think the inner core is?
1:05 Is it the size of … a) the Moon?
1:08 b) Jupiter? or c) Mars?
1:12 Right!
1:13 Well, I haven't a clue to be honest so I'm going to take a guess and say c) Mars.
1:19 Well, we'll find out later on in the show if you're right.
1:23 But before we get there, let's find out a bit more about what the Earth is made of.
1:28 Well, the Earth has layers, a bit like an onion.
1:31 I like your technical language, Rob!
1:33 But I'm trying to keep things simple for you, Alice!
1:35 Thanks.
1:36 It has a thin outer layer or crust where we live.
1:40 And this includes our continents and the ocean floors.
1:43 Then beneath that there's another layer called the mantle.
1:47 And beneath that, is the Earth's core – over 6000km below the surface.
1:52 Right.
1:53 But what's the Earth made of, Rob?
1:54 It's a good question.
1:55 And it depends on which layer you're talking about!
1:59 The crust and mantle are rock and contain a lot of silicate – which is the same stuff
2:05 that glass is made of.
2:07 But the outer and inner parts of the core mainly consist of iron.
2:11 And the core is very hot.
2:13 Am I right?
2:14 You are indeed.
2:15 The professor and his companions wouldn't have survived very long down there!
2:19 The outer core is a swirling mass of molten – or liquid – metal and it’s as hot
2:24 as the surface of the Sun!
2:26 Wow!
2:27 That must be so hot!
2:28 Right.
2:29 Let's listen now to Simon Redfern talking about the inner core and what's happening
2:33 in there.
2:36 And so over time, the planet has started to cool.
2:40 And as it cools, eventually at the centre of the Earth, the highest pressure point,
2:46 we pass over the crystallization temperature – the freezing temperature of iron – and
2:50 iron starts to freeze at the centre of the Earth.
2:53 And you get a crystal of iron right in the middle that starts to grow.
2:58 I'm a bit worried that the Earth is freezing in the middle!
3:01 Don't worry, Alice!
3:03 In this case, because of the incredibly high pressure in the core, the freezing point of
3:08 iron is actually about 6000 degrees!
3:12 And the iron has been cooling down and crystallizing for a billion years – and at a rate of just
3:17 half a millimetre every year.
3:19 Ah well, yes, that sounds like slow progress.
3:22 Certainly.
3:23 Now moving on, we should also talk about the fact that it's the liquid iron outer core
3:28 that generates magnetic fields – and it's thanks to these magnetic fields that life
3:33 on Earth is possible.
3:36 Let's hear more about this.
3:37 Deuss: Well, the magnetic field is very important because it protects us against cosmic radiation
3:43 so that's one really...
3:44 Bragg: How does it do that?
3:46 Deuss: It just creates a shield, which will just deflect the cosmic rays from the Sun
3:51 to actually reach us at the surface.
3:52 So it protects us.
3:54 Bragg: So it goes up there…
3:56 Deuss: Yeah, so you would see that the radiation kind of goes right into the Earth and not
4:00 actually reach us.
4:04 So there's a magnetic field round the Earth that protects us from the Sun's cosmic rays.
4:10 I'd like a magnetic field round me.
4:13 It could be my superpower – like in X Men!
4:16 Calm down, Magneto.
4:18 Now the magnetosphere is the area around the Earth in which the Earth's magnetic field
4:22 is felt.
4:24 It protects us from the Sun's radiation and the flow of particles, which would otherwise
4:28 strip away – or remove – the Earth's atmosphere.
4:31 Right, I see.
4:33 And what does 'radiation' mean?
4:35 Well, radiation means heat or energy or particles in the form of rays – in this case, the
4:41 Sun's rays.
4:42 OK.
4:43 And 'deflect'?
4:44 To deflect means to make something change direction.
4:47 Right, I see.
4:49 Thank you.
4:50 Now, Rob, I asked you, do you remember, at the beginning of the show, how big is the
4:55 Earth's inner core?
4:57 Is it the size of … a) the Moon?
5:00 b) Jupiter? or c) Mars?
5:04 Yes, and I had a wild guess and I said c) Mars.
5:07 Yes.
5:08 And I'm afraid that's wrong, Rob.
5:11 The answer is a) the Moon.
5:14 Would you like to shape up and tell us which words we learned on the show today?
5:18 Of course.
5:19 Good idea.
5:20 We heard: core
5:24 dense crust
5:30 mantle silicate
5:34 molten magnetosphere
5:40 strip away radiation
5:46 deflect Yes.
5:47 Thank you, Rob

Say or Tell? Learn English with Simple English Videos

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How to improve your listening in English

source: EnglishLessons4U - Learn English with Ronnie!    2012年5月29日 Do you have trouble understanding what native speakers say? What to improve your English listening and comprehension skills? I'll give you some great tips that will help you to listen and understand!

Fruit Names in English - Learn Fruit Names

source: Twominute English    2013年9月6日
People who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Fruits provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body. So do you know your fruit names? Do you know how to pronounce them in English?
We will learn the names of different fruits in this lesson.
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English Speaking with English Subtitles...

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Reading Comprehension in English

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)    2008年10月24日 Instructions on how to understand what you read in English. We call this Reading Comprehension.

How to Speak Fluent English: Learn to Think in English!

source: Espresso English    2012年11月23日
If you speak with a lot of pauses and hesitations, but you want to speak English fluently and naturally like a native English speaker, the secret is...
Learn to think in English!
Many English students say: "It's too difficult! "I don't know enough English words!" "I need to think in my native language and translate."
However, thinking in your native language and translating results in sentences that don't sound natural in English, because the sentence structure is often different in English and your native language.
In addition, it takes too much time to think and translate when you're in a conversation -- leading to pauses, hesitations, and the inability to speak fast and fluently.
How to Learn to Think in English
So, here is how you can learn to think in English -- from the beginner level to advanced.
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Confused Words - DESERT or DESSERT?

source: Learn English with Rebecca     2011年8月8日 Did you eat desert or dessert? Particularly recommended for students from India, this lesson explains the difference in pronunciation and spelling between these commonly confused words.