CNN 10 with subtitles | February 23, 2017 | A recent night of riots in Sweden | Daily L...

source: Daily Listening    2017年2月22日
CNN 10 | February 23, 2017 | A recent night of riots in Sweden | Daily Listening hightlights: A recent night of riots in Sweden has fueled a debate that's raging even though the violence has calmed. An announcement regarding newly discovered planets has scientists searching for signs of life, though it wouldn't exactly be nearby. And the dangerous sport of freediving gives participants a thrill that goes well below the surface.
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How to offer help - 06 - English at Work is here to help

source: BBC Learning English    2016年8月9日
It's chaos at Tip Top Trading. Tom is in a panic and needs help! He has arranged more meetings than he can cope with and is going to have to face some unhappy clients. Anna decides to step in and help.
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Anna: ‘Look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Anna.’
Denise: (on the phone) ... And Margery said: 'I don't think I've ever seen a vegetable quite that size before...'
Paul: Where's that hole-punch?!
Narrator: Ah, business as usual in the offices of Tip Top Trading.
Tom: Oh for goodness sake! What a disaster! I can't believe it!
Narrator: But one member of the team seems bothered.
Tom: Arrgh!
Narrator: Anna, this is the moment to show you’re willing to help.
Anna: Yes!
Narrator: Use phrases like 'Is there anything I can do?' 'Let me help!' or, to be more informal, you can say, 'Can I give you a hand?' or 'Give me a shout if you need anything!'
Anna: Right.
Narrator: Go on!
Anna: Are you okay Tom?
Tom: (grumpily) No.
Anna: Is there anything I can do?
Tom: (grumpily) No.
Anna: Oh. What's wrong?
Tom: Everything.
Anna: I see. Can I give you a hand?
Tom: My computer has crashed. I've lost my phone. And there's a big, big problem with my timetable. I’ve got two meetings scheduled at the same time with two extremely important clients. I can't do them both at once!
Anna: Let me help.
Tom: Thanks Anna, but these are big, big clients. They need someone of experience.
Anna: Well, give me a shout if you need anything!
Tom: I can handle this, alright?
Narrator: 'I can handle this'... ungrateful idiot. But you used all the right phrases Anna, well done. Anyway, I bet he'll change his mind.
Denise: Oooh, I know, and the purple ones are so much more powerful...
Tom: Anna? Could you help me?
Narrator: Ha! I told you so!
Tom: They've both arrived at once! Oh god! I'll deal with Mrs Kumquat...
Anna: Okay.
Tom: You talk to Mr Lime, he's from a company called Citrus Ventures. They own hundreds of juice bars.
Denise: Are you sure that's a good idea Tom?
Tom: I don't have much choice, do I?
Denise: Well I could
Tom: Just keep him occupied Anna, tell him how great he is... no, no, tell him how great I am. Find out what he wants. If it's about the - well, never mind, just be nice.
Anna: Understood.
Tom: Mr Lime! Are you well?
Mr Lime: Yes, but I'm actually rather angry too.
Tom: Ah, well let me introduce you to Anna!
Anna: Mr Lime, it's a pleasure to meet you! Let me help with your coat.
Mr Lime: Oh er... Thank you.
Anna: Can I give you a hand with your scarf too, Mr Lime?
Mr Lime: Oh... Thanks.
Anna: Now, please come this way and you can tell me what's wrong.
Narrator: Well done! Anna used some good phrases to step in and help with this mess. Let's hear them again:
Is there anything I can do?
Let me help.
Can I give you a hand?
Give me a shout if you need anything.
Narrator: But Mr Lime is obviously upset about something. What is it? And how will Anna deal with the problem? Let's hope it doesn't end in disaster!

Thanksgiving English Phrases You Need to Know to Celebrate the Holiday i...

source: Go Natural English     2013年11月7日
This video explains about some Thanksgiving English Phrases to celebrate the Holiday in America.
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Let's Learn English Lesson 43: Time for Plan B

source: VOA Learning English    2017年2月21日
In this lesson, Anna loses her wallet. Her friends are not able to help her. It's time for Plan B!
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Let's Learn English Lesson 43 Speaking Practice

source: VOA Learning English    2017年1月22日
Use this video to learn the new words in this lesson and how to use would and could to make polite requests.
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Let's Learn English Lesson 43 Pronunciation Practice

source: VOA Learning English    2017年2月21日
Use this video to learn about using informal pronunciation with "what are you" and "would you."​​
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A fool's paradise - Shakespeare Speaks

source: BBC Learning English     2016年5月6日
Is Robert Harley really going to put a ring on Janet Bassett's finger? Or is Janet living in a fool's paradise?
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Narrator: It was a sunny August morning. William Shakespeare is at the market.

Stallholder: Get your cherries, lovely ripe cherries! Come over here and get your cherries…

Will: Ahhh… sweet, ripe cherries! Two pounds, please, Mary.

Stallholder: Here you are Mr Will.

Will: And how's the family Mary? All well?

Stallholder: Growing up fast, you know how it is… my Janet's a worry though. That Robert Harley says he wants to marry her, but I don't trust him: I think he just wants to have his way with her and what will we do Mr Will if she ends up just 14 years old with a baby and no husband?!

Will: Now Mary, I'm sure young Robert will do right by Janet. Look at me, didn't I marry my Anne when she was in trouble? And here we are now, still together with three children…

Stallholder: You're not too happy though, are you Mr Will?

Will: Marriage isn't easy Mary, you know that.

Stallholder: Oh, Mr Will. Last week he was in love with that Rosie from the village and this week it's my Janet's turn. He's promised her clothes, money, ribbons for her hair, and she's so in love with him she believes all of it! I tell you, she's living in a fool's paradise!

Will: A fool's paradise… hmmm… That might sound good in my play! Romeo and Juliet, the star-cross'd lovers. Romeo says he'll marry Juliet but Juliet's nurse doesn't trust him. She warns him not to make false promises just to get Juliet into bed. Listen Mary, it'll go like this: …let me tell ye, if ye should lead her…

Nurse: let me tell ye, if ye should lead her into
a fool's paradise, as they say, it were a very gross
kind of behaviour,

Stallholder: That's really good Mr Will.

Will: Thank you, Mary. You can use it if you like…

Narrator: We'll leave them there for now. In Shakespeare's day, it was legal for girls to marry at the age of 14, although people usually got married when they were older. It was not uncommon for women to already be pregnant when they got married – as was the case with William Shakespeare's own marriage. These days, the phrase a fool's paradise describes any situation that somebody thinks is good, without realising that it won't last – or that it's actually bad. Take this 2015 BBC News headline, written when the value of the single European currency fell to record lows – making it cheap to buy for investors, but not particularly safe:

Clip 1
The euro: Good bet or a fool's paradise?
Clip 2
Jack's work is terrible. He's living in a fool's paradise if he thinks he's getting a pay rise.
Stallholder: Just wait till I catch up with that Mr Robert. If you see him Mr Will, you be sure to tell me.
Will: Hmmm… to tell, or not to tell: that is the question.

Five Phrasal Verbs With 'Get'

source: Oxford Online English    2013年12月11日
A free online English lesson from Oxford Online English. See the full lesson (with a text and exercises) here:
In this class, you can learn about common phrasal verbs based on the verb 'get'. You can study five useful English phrasal verbs and see how to use them in your spoken or written English.

English Phonics Consonants 'qu' and 'j'

source: Shaw English Online     2014年1月24日
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English Phonics Consonants 'v' and 'w'

source: Shaw English Online     2014年1月24日
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What's your New Year's resolution?

source: mmmEnglish     2015年12月30日
New Year’s Eve is always a time for looking back at the year that is finishing and, more importantly, looking forward to the coming year.
The end of a year is a great time to concentrate on English verb tenses… What things did you do last year? What things will you do next year?

Babysitting Job Interview (Learn English 20)

source: EF podEnglish    2007年11月28日
Learn what types of questions may be asked at a simple job interview in English and how to use the present progressive tense. In this beginner English lesson you will hear a woman being interviewed for a babysitting job.

Animal Idioms - 2 -

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年5月16日

Bug Someone
To bug someone means to annoy them.
It really bugs me when you bite your fingernails.

Have A Frog In Your Throat
If you can't speak clearly because you need to cough, you have a frog in your throat.
Ugh... Sorry about that. I had a frog in my throat.

Cash Cow
A cash cow is something, like a business, that makes a lot of profit.
That company's website is a real cash cow! It makes a 500% profit!

Bird Brain
A bird brain is someone you think is dumb.
That guy keeps making the same mistakes. He's such a bird brain.

Cock Of The Walk
A cock of the walk is someone who thinks they are more important than everyone else.
My coworker thinks he's cock of the walk. He does whatever he wants!

A Monkey On (Your) Back
To have a monkey on your back means to have a problem that will not go away.
My friend's drinking problem is a real monkey on his back.

Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat
To pull a rabbit out of a hat means to do something surprising with great skill.
She really pulled a rabbit out of a hat when she won that poker game with her amazing bluff!

A Snake In The Grass
A snake in the grass is a sneaky or hated person.
That salesman is a real snake in the grass. He sells things that break easily.

Call off, Fill up, Hang up, Hold up - Phrasal Verb Lesson

source: Twominute English    2013年4月16日
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0:07 In this lesson we will study the following phrasal verbs: call off, fill up, hang up and hold up.
0:23 Hey, Jack. What are you doing?
0:26 Nothing much. Just wrapping up some work and I’ll call the day off.
0:29 Oh. Good thing you’re not too busy. I thought about picking you up now.
0:33 But you asked me to call off our movie plans as you had a meeting.
0:37 I had a meeting but the client called it off so I can make it to the movies now
0:41 Excellent news. Give 20 minutes and I’ll be downstairs.
0:54 John, why don’t you take another shopping cart?
0:57 I don’t think so. We don’t need another one unless you’re planning to fill this one up.
1:03 I’m actually planning to fill it up with dry goods. I want another one for vegetables and fruits.
1:09 That makes sense. I’ll be right back with two other carts.
1:13 One more is enough, John.
1:16 No, it’s not. I just remembered the boys are coming over tonight. I’ll fill one up with beer and snacks.
1:31 I called Sam but he hung up on me. He didn't even listen to what I had to say. Why would he hang up like that?
1:38 Did you people have a fight?
1:40 Not exactly. Just a small argument.
1:43 Maybe he just couldn’t talk and that’s why he hung up.
1:46 I hate guys who hang up without saying anything first.
1:59 Jack, where are you? I had to reschedule the meeting because of you.
2:04 I’m sorry, Paul. I got hold up in traffic. It’ll take some time.
2:09 That’s great! Can you please just let me know next time? That way I won't have to hold up our plans because of you.
2:17 I’m awfully sorry. I thought I would make it.
2:22 I’ll call the day off.
2:26 But you asked me to call off our movie plans as you had a meeting.
2:34 I had a meeting but the client called it off.
2:40 I’m actually planning to fill it up with dry goods.
2:47 I’ll fill one up with beer and snacks.
2:53 Why would he hang up like that?
2:57 Maybe he just couldn’t talk and that’s why he hung up.
3:04 I hate guys who hang up without saying anything first.
3:12 I got hold up in traffic.