Animal Idioms - 2 -

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年5月16日

Bug Someone
To bug someone means to annoy them.
It really bugs me when you bite your fingernails.

Have A Frog In Your Throat
If you can't speak clearly because you need to cough, you have a frog in your throat.
Ugh... Sorry about that. I had a frog in my throat.

Cash Cow
A cash cow is something, like a business, that makes a lot of profit.
That company's website is a real cash cow! It makes a 500% profit!

Bird Brain
A bird brain is someone you think is dumb.
That guy keeps making the same mistakes. He's such a bird brain.

Cock Of The Walk
A cock of the walk is someone who thinks they are more important than everyone else.
My coworker thinks he's cock of the walk. He does whatever he wants!

A Monkey On (Your) Back
To have a monkey on your back means to have a problem that will not go away.
My friend's drinking problem is a real monkey on his back.

Pull A Rabbit Out Of A Hat
To pull a rabbit out of a hat means to do something surprising with great skill.
She really pulled a rabbit out of a hat when she won that poker game with her amazing bluff!

A Snake In The Grass
A snake in the grass is a sneaky or hated person.
That salesman is a real snake in the grass. He sells things that break easily.