CNN Student News May 18, 2016 with English subtitles

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May 18, 2016 CNN Student News with subtitles, closed caption (You can click it on by yourself).

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Business English Vocabulary for ESL - Accounting Vocabulary 1

source: Business English Pod     2008年11月11日
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This Business English video ESL lesson introduces English vocabulary related to finance, accounting and accountants.

Business English Lesson 3: Responding to Suggestions in English

source: Business English Pod    2015年8月23日
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This lesson is the second part of a two-part series on making, rejecting and accepting suggestions. In the first lesson (BEP 30), we looked at how to make suggestions. In this lesson, we’ll learn appropriate ways to reject and accept suggestions.
The Business English Kickstart Course covers the 3 main Business English Skills of meetings, presentations and talking on the phone with 20 lessons appropriate for intermediate English Speakers. Learn more about the Business English Kickstart Course here:

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The Technology Report: Silicon Businesses Fueled by Immigrants

source: VOA Learning English   2016年5月8日
The area in northern California between San Francisco and San Jose is called Silicon Valley. It is famous for start-up businesses. Some of the people behind the start-ups are immigrants from places like Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and China.
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English in a Minute: Get On My Nerves

source: VOA Learning English     2014年10月14日
What does this phrase mean in American English? Watch this program to discover what this means in American English.
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Let's Learn English Lesson 4: What is it?

source: VOA Learning English     2016年2月26日
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I lost my wallet (English Conversation For Beginners - Lesson 24)

source: Daily English Conversation     2016年4月8日
Learn English Conversation For Beginners (100 Lessons).
Lesson 24 - I lost my wallet.
Steve : Hey, How's it going?
Jessica : Not good. I lost my wallet.
Steve : Oh, that's too bad. Was it stolen?
Jessica : No, I think it came out of my pocket when I was in the taxi.
Steve : Is there anything I can do?
Jessica : Can I borrow some money?
Steve : Sure, how much do you need?
Jessica : About 50 dollars.
Steve : That's no problem.
Jessica : Thanks. I'll pay you back on Friday.
Steve : That'll be fine. Here you are.
Jessica : What are you going to do now?
Steve : I'm going to buy some books and then I'm going to the gas station.
Jessica : If you wait a minute I can go with you.
Steve : OK. I'll wait for you.

English idioms to express Emotions

source: Learn English with Let's Talk 2014年6月14日
Here are some emotional idioms to tell people whether you're happy, sad or angry.

To blow ones top 
Meaning - (verb) to lose one's temper, to become mad quickly
Example Sentences - 
I caught my boyfriend with another woman. I was so mad that I blew my top and kicked him out of the house.

To get cold feet -
Meaning - to suddenly become too frightened to do something you had planned to do, especially something important such as getting married
Example Sentence - I'm worried she may be getting cold feet about our trip to Panama.

To be sick and tired 
Meaning - to be angry and bored because something unpleasant has been happening for too long 
Example sentence
You've been giving me the same old excuses for months and I'm sick and tired of hearing them!

To ring a bell 
Meaning - If something rings a bell, it reminds you of something you have heard before, though you may not be able to remember it very well. A name may ring a bell, so you know you have heard the name before, but cannot place it properly.
Example Sentence - 
Does what I just said ring a bell?

To hate someone's guts
Meaning - If you hate someone's guts, you dislike them very much indeed. 
Example sentence - 
Oh, Bob is terrible. I hate his guts! You may hate my guts for saying so, but I think you're getting gray hair.

To give the cold shoulder 
Meaning - to behave towards someone in a way that is not at all friendly, sometimes for reasons that this person does not understand 
Example sentence - 
What have I done to him? He gave me the cold shoulder the whole evening at the party.

Down in the dumps
Meaning - Someone who is very unhappy with someone or something.
Example sentence - 
She's down in the dumps because all her friends are out of town.

Worried sick 
Meaning - Some one who is really worried or Extremely anxious
Example sentence - 
Her parents were worried sick when she didn't come home all night. 

Bored to death 
Meaning - to make someone lose interest in something completely
Example sentence - 
John was bored to death by the stories Amy told.

In the seventh heaven
Meaning - To be in a very happy state.
Example sentence - 
Ann was really in seventh heaven when she got a car of her own.

Learn English Phrases - Put your foot down / The last straw

source: Espresso English    2015年2月18日
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10 HOLD Phrasal Verbs: hold on/off/over/up/down/out/back...

source: English Lessons with Adam    2014年7月23日 Hold on to your hats! Excitement is on the way. In this English lesson, we'll go over some uses of "hold + prepositions" so you know when to grab something, or just wait (like on the phone). Do you know when to 'hold on', and when to 'hold back'? What do you do in a 'hold up'? You'll learn these phrases and many others. Once you do, take the quiz at check if you really understand them.

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