Expand your vocabulary: Turn Nous & Verbs into Adjectives

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http://www.engvid.com/ Want to expand your vocabulary using words you already know? Today I'll teach you to make nouns and verbs into adjectives! You will learn to form adjectives using past participles. By using this trick, you will improve your vocabulary and sound more fluent.
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Verbs related to 'Money'

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To borrow - To take money from someone which has to be returned.
Example - I borrowed money from my Aunt this morning to buy a new laptop.
To Earn - To get paid for the work that you have done.
Example - If you work hard you will surely earn well.
To Lend - To give money to someone, expecting it to be returned.
Example - I lend some money to my friend last week.
To Pay / Spend - To give money for goods or services.
Example - I paid $200 for this new microwave.
To Save - To keep money for future needs.
Example - I am trying to save money in order to buy a house soon.
To Owe - When you are suppose to pay someone or return money to someone.
Example - I owe money to the bank for the loan I had taken last year.
To Win - To make money by winning a lottery or by gambling
Example - I won $1000 in Vegas last year/
To Lose - Misplacing money or losing money in a bet or in gambling.
Example - I was robbed last week at the subway and lost a lot of money.

CNN Student News - November 03, 2015 - English Sub

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