Words used to describe facial expressions in English

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The expression on someone's face can tell you a lot about what they are thinking or what they are feeling like, or even the emotions they are going through.

Beaming - smiling broadly; grinning

Quizzical - showing that you are confused or surprised by something, and perhaps that you think it is rather strange and funny

Grin - To smile broadly, often baring the teeth.

Winced - The facial expression of sudden pain.

Dirty Look - An angry face or a frown.

Pouted - To exhibit displeasure or disappointment.

Glazed over - A glazed look or expression shows no interest or emotion.

Long Face - An unhappy or disappointed expression.

Unreadable - If someone’s face, eyes, or expression are unreadable, you cannot guess what they are thinking.

Dumbfounded - An expression on the face as if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise.

CNN 10 September 26, 2017 with English subtitles

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News English lesson - Imran Khan fights corruption, Rio's iconic beaches under threat

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In News English Lessons we look some of the current events that are taking place around the world. In this lesson we look at what is happening in Pakastani politics and then we go to Brazil to look at how climate change is affecting some of Rio's iconic beaches.
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Words to talk about politics

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In this English lesson you will learn some of the words we use when we speak about politics in English.
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10 Very Short Conversations | Set 22 | Updated | English Speaking Practi...

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Language in use: Happy birthday. Thank you for coming to my party.
This park is nice. I come here every day. What happened to your house? There was an earthquake. I'm broke. How much do you need? I like baking. Are those cookies? Where's the bus? It's late again.
We are open 24/7. That's convenient. I smell pizza. It's on the way. Come on! We've got to go! I'm coming. Get here at 5:00 sharp! No problem.

The word "afford" is a verb.

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Using participles as adjectives (BBC Learners' Questions)

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Tutul from Bangladesh says: I am confused as to when I can use participles as adjectives. For example, I can say: I saw a barking dog. But I can't say: I saw a barked dog. Why not?

Participle Adjectives
English has a number of adjectives made from verb participles. These end with -ing or are a past participle form of the verb (often -ed). -ing adjectives have a similar meaning to active verbs. Past participles have passive meanings. If you are unsure which to use, transform the participle adjective into a relative clause. If it doesn’t make sense as a relative clause, it doesn’t make sense as a participle adjective. There are not many verb participles that can be used as adjectives in both –ed and –ing forms.

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A Dream Come True and other common expressions in English

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Index 0:01 Waltz in A-flat major 0:14 Introduction 0:53 a dream come true 1:56 second-hand 2:36 a good deal 3:25 beyond my wildest dreams/ Never in my wildest dreams 4:29 fulfill/ realize one's dreams 5:18 Waltz in A-flat major 5:44 Review 7:29 Note on parts of speech 8:44 Lesson ending
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