Using participles as adjectives (BBC Learners' Questions)

source: BBC Learning English     2017年9月1日
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Tutul from Bangladesh says: I am confused as to when I can use participles as adjectives. For example, I can say: I saw a barking dog. But I can't say: I saw a barked dog. Why not?

Participle Adjectives
English has a number of adjectives made from verb participles. These end with -ing or are a past participle form of the verb (often -ed). -ing adjectives have a similar meaning to active verbs. Past participles have passive meanings. If you are unsure which to use, transform the participle adjective into a relative clause. If it doesn’t make sense as a relative clause, it doesn’t make sense as a participle adjective. There are not many verb participles that can be used as adjectives in both –ed and –ing forms.