Food Vocabulary (French Loan Words in English)

source: Learn English with Let's Talk      2016年7月14日
French Loan Words in English - English Food Vocabulary Lesson
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A la carte
In a restaurant, you have 2 options. Either you go for a buffet or a la carte. A la carte means to order individual dishes as per your liking from the menu.
A pe ritif
It is an alcoholic drink to stimulate appetite.
Bon apetit:
It is a salutation before eating your meal. If you are in a restaurant with your friends and family, you can say ‘bon apetit’ before everyone begins their meal.
The actual meaning of this is kitchen. In English, we use this word to describe the style or manner of food. Various cuisines are Indian cuisine, Italian cuisine, Chinese cuisine.
Means tossing and frying vegetables. It is one of the styles of cooking.
A wine waiter/steward. These are specifically who serve wine.
It’s a dish prepared by beating eggs.
A judge of fine food is called ‘goumet’. We have gourmet meals, gourmet kitchen. When we talk about gourmet meals, we talk about exotic and fancy meals.
Is a substitute of butter. It looks like butter but it is made of vegetable oil.
The actual meaning is an outdoor meals.

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Shopping English - Talking About Rising Price

source: Twominute English    2014年1月18日
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0:14 Hello! Good to see you, dear viewer. Today we’ll looking on the topic of inflation.
0:20 No one likes when prices go up.
0:22 So we wanna make sure that we know how to express ourselves conversations.
0:28 We'll be looking at some other people's conversations about the topic of inflation.
0:32 And we hope to increase your vocabulary.
0:35 Remember to practice the lines by pausing the video at any point and repeating when you've just heard!
0:40 This will help to increase your English fluency.
0:50 I spent over $200 on gasoline this month.
0:53 Gosh! That’s too much! Where have you been wandering around?
0:58 Nowhere! Same old schedule travelling from office to home. Maybe an odd trip.
1:05 You gotta find a solution! You’ll be spending all your money on fuel.
1:10 Yeah! I’ve been thinking about it. Maybe I should get a LPG kit installed.
1:15 Yeah! You could... It would save you some money.
1:26 I just saw the groceries list, Reese. Why’re you buying enough for the entire month?
1:32 We always do that. Don’t we? It saves us money.
1:36 Yeah, but aren’t we going on a week-long trip this month? All this food is going to be wasted.
1:42 Well Reese… I hate to break it to you dear.
1:46 Break what? What’s going on?
1:48 We can’t go on the trip. I just got a mailer from the holiday planners. They’ve raised their prices and we can’t afford it anymore.
1:57 What? No way! This.. This is crazy. It was $1,500 just last week!
2:05 Well, now it’s $1,800. Let’s wait till next month.
2:17 Hey, Troy! How are you doing?
2:20 Good. You tell me?
2:22 Well buddy... we live in the neighborhood, and our offices are right nearby, so I was thinking of something...
2:30 Yeah? Tell me.
2:33 You know about the gas prices. They’re going up all the time.
2:37 I think we should start a carpool. Sometimes we take my car, and sometimes yours.
2:44 Hey! That’s a great idea! And it’s environment friendly too. Let’s start from tomorrow.
2:51 Fantastic!
2:59 I think I’m going to get a new job.
3:01 Why? What’s wrong with this job?
3:04 I love this job. Being an artist is my calling, but I can’t afford it anymore because it’s not paying my bills.
3:12 Oh! I am sorry to hear that buddy, but I know what you mean. What are you planning to do?
3:18 I am a trained plumber. Going to take that up again. It pays better.
3:23 Good luck pal.
3:34 Inflation is the continuous rising of prices in the market.
3:43 ‘Break it to you’ means to deliver some news or information to someone.
3:48 You can use it to deliver both good and bad information.
3:56 When some people group together and travel by one car instead of traveling by their separate cars, it’s called carpooling.
4:03 and the group is a carpool. People do it to save money and reduce pollution.
4:14 When something is your calling, it’s your true desire or destiny.
4:18 It’s something that you were created or destined to do. Your calling is your one passion in life.
4:26 Thank you so much for watching today's video. Do make sure you'd come back tomorrow,
4:31 Because we have brand new lesson ready for you then. Thanks and bye!

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