Shopping English - Talking About Rising Price

source: Twominute English    2014年1月18日
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0:14 Hello! Good to see you, dear viewer. Today we’ll looking on the topic of inflation.
0:20 No one likes when prices go up.
0:22 So we wanna make sure that we know how to express ourselves conversations.
0:28 We'll be looking at some other people's conversations about the topic of inflation.
0:32 And we hope to increase your vocabulary.
0:35 Remember to practice the lines by pausing the video at any point and repeating when you've just heard!
0:40 This will help to increase your English fluency.
0:50 I spent over $200 on gasoline this month.
0:53 Gosh! That’s too much! Where have you been wandering around?
0:58 Nowhere! Same old schedule travelling from office to home. Maybe an odd trip.
1:05 You gotta find a solution! You’ll be spending all your money on fuel.
1:10 Yeah! I’ve been thinking about it. Maybe I should get a LPG kit installed.
1:15 Yeah! You could... It would save you some money.
1:26 I just saw the groceries list, Reese. Why’re you buying enough for the entire month?
1:32 We always do that. Don’t we? It saves us money.
1:36 Yeah, but aren’t we going on a week-long trip this month? All this food is going to be wasted.
1:42 Well Reese… I hate to break it to you dear.
1:46 Break what? What’s going on?
1:48 We can’t go on the trip. I just got a mailer from the holiday planners. They’ve raised their prices and we can’t afford it anymore.
1:57 What? No way! This.. This is crazy. It was $1,500 just last week!
2:05 Well, now it’s $1,800. Let’s wait till next month.
2:17 Hey, Troy! How are you doing?
2:20 Good. You tell me?
2:22 Well buddy... we live in the neighborhood, and our offices are right nearby, so I was thinking of something...
2:30 Yeah? Tell me.
2:33 You know about the gas prices. They’re going up all the time.
2:37 I think we should start a carpool. Sometimes we take my car, and sometimes yours.
2:44 Hey! That’s a great idea! And it’s environment friendly too. Let’s start from tomorrow.
2:51 Fantastic!
2:59 I think I’m going to get a new job.
3:01 Why? What’s wrong with this job?
3:04 I love this job. Being an artist is my calling, but I can’t afford it anymore because it’s not paying my bills.
3:12 Oh! I am sorry to hear that buddy, but I know what you mean. What are you planning to do?
3:18 I am a trained plumber. Going to take that up again. It pays better.
3:23 Good luck pal.
3:34 Inflation is the continuous rising of prices in the market.
3:43 ‘Break it to you’ means to deliver some news or information to someone.
3:48 You can use it to deliver both good and bad information.
3:56 When some people group together and travel by one car instead of traveling by their separate cars, it’s called carpooling.
4:03 and the group is a carpool. People do it to save money and reduce pollution.
4:14 When something is your calling, it’s your true desire or destiny.
4:18 It’s something that you were created or destined to do. Your calling is your one passion in life.
4:26 Thank you so much for watching today's video. Do make sure you'd come back tomorrow,
4:31 Because we have brand new lesson ready for you then. Thanks and bye!