Types of Clauses: Advanced English Grammar with JenniferESL

source: JenniferESL       2018年3月15日
0:06 Introduction
1:53 Independent and dependent clauses
3:12 Sentence patterns
3:33 Types of dependent clauses and forming complex sentences
4:58 Noun clauses
7:12 Adjective clauses
9:25 Adverb clauses (Apologies for the typo at 9:39 "questions.")
11:51 Partial list of subordinating conjunctions
13:05 Short quiz to review

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How to Talk about the Future in English

source: Oxford Online English       2018年3月29日
In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about the future in English.
What are you doing this evening? What are your plans for next year? Who will win the next World Cup? After you watch this lesson, leave us a comment talking about the future and we will give you feedback!
In this class, you’ll learn to answer these and other questions about the future in clear, natural, correct English.
You’ll see many simple phrases which you can learn to help you talk about the future in English in any situation!

This lesson will help you learn how to:
- Talk about future social plans and holidays in English.
- Use the continuous tense to talk about the future.
- Describe your future goals in your life and career.
- Discuss schedules and timetables in the future.
- Make predictions about the future in English.
- Talk about future possibilities in English.

Understand Email Addresses on the Phone - Business English Lessons

source: Speak English with Christina            2018年3月26日
 Here's the trick to be sure you ALWAYS understand your client's email address in English! 
-How to avoid confusion with vowels like A, E, and I
-Easy ways to remember consonants like G & J correctly
-What to say at the end of your discussion to check your notes
-The NATO Phonetic Alphabet, so you're 100% sure you understood correctly

Likely (talk about probability) - a word you're likely to need!

source: Simple English Videos      2018年3月30日
In this video you'll learn the common structures and collocations we use with likely and see how we use them in action. You'll also learn an idiom where we always use it ironically.
And finally you'll learn what happens to a marshmallow if you cook it in the microwave for 60 seconds. Mmmm. Irresistible!

CNN 10 | April 30, 2018 | World-changing promises made between South Korea & North Korea

source: NEWS with Subtitles          2018年4月29日
Today, we're explaining some potentially world-changing promises that were made at a summit between the leaders of South Korea and North Korea. We're also reporting on a CNN Hero's efforts to curb violence in New York City, and we're exploring how history was made at the NFL draft.

English with TV Series: Girls and Valentine’s Day

source: Learn English With TV Series     2018年2月9日
In this Valentines day Friends scene, the girls don't have dates on Valentine's Day (holiday celebrated with romantic partner or loved ones). So they perform a ritual to change their luck... let's see what happens!

10 Different Ways to Say "Thank you!" In English!

source: Learn English with Papa Teach Me       2018年3月31日
How do you say Thank you in DIFFERENT formal and informal ways?
How do you REPLY to a thank you in English, in different formal and informal ways?
Find out in today's English lesson!
Use the subtitles if you need them!

Pronunciation of the Most Common English Words

source: Rachel's English          2018年3月20日

Top 10 Life Events you should be able to Talk About in English

source:  Learn English with EnglishClass101.com     2018年3月30日

How to Use Future Time Clauses Correctly

source: Interactive English        2018年3月31日

Asking questions in the present continuous tense

source: LearnAmericanEnglishOnline      2018年3月16日
An English teacher shows how to form questions in the present continuous tense.

Top 27 Mispronounced Everyday Words

source: Learn English with Let's Talk        2018年3月30日
In this English pronunciation lesson with your New English Trainer ‘Kat’, you will learn about 27 English words that probably you have been mispronouncing all this while. These words are often used in your Everyday English conversation. Watch the video as Kat gives you the correct native pronunciation of these simple English words so that the next time you pronounce them correctly while speaking English. Also, focus on the syllable stress and English accent so that you get the correct intonation while saying these words.

Using Superlatives in English | 925 English Lesson 18

source: Business English Pod        2018年3月10日
In today’s 925 English video lesson, we’re going to learn how to use superlatives in English.

Animal Vocabulary | Important Words at the Zoo

source: Interactive English          2017年6月3日
In order to help you improve your animal vocabulary, we're taking you to the zoo. We'll show you and teach you new words, and you will also have a chance to practice them!

Presenting Your English Level On Your CV

source: Speak English with Christina         2015年9月6日

The Future Continuous Tense (Future Forms Part 2)

source: Gerry English Expressions       2016年1月2日

How to use the PAST PERFECT tense

source: Your English Web        2016年2月7日