How to Talk about the Future in English

source: Oxford Online English       2018年3月29日
In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about the future in English.
What are you doing this evening? What are your plans for next year? Who will win the next World Cup? After you watch this lesson, leave us a comment talking about the future and we will give you feedback!
In this class, you’ll learn to answer these and other questions about the future in clear, natural, correct English.
You’ll see many simple phrases which you can learn to help you talk about the future in English in any situation!

This lesson will help you learn how to:
- Talk about future social plans and holidays in English.
- Use the continuous tense to talk about the future.
- Describe your future goals in your life and career.
- Discuss schedules and timetables in the future.
- Make predictions about the future in English.
- Talk about future possibilities in English.