50 words that begin with the letter B

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Learn English - Baby Animals names ( Beginner English Lesson)

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Leveret - A young hare, especially one less than a year old is a called a leveret.
Polliwog - A frog which has a head, but doesn't have legs is called a polliwog.
Kid - The baby goat is called a kid.
Smolt - A young salmon (or trout) after the parr stage, when it becomes silvery and migrates to the sea for the first time.
Hatchling - A young bird, reptile, or fish recently emerged from an egg.
Fledge - To take care of (a young bird) until it is ready to fly.
Cygnet - A young swan.
Colt - a young uncastrated male horse, in particular one less than four years old.
Poult - A young domestic chicken, turkey, pheasant, or other fowl being raised for food.
Duckling - A young duck.

Learn Interesting English Heteronyms

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