CNN 10 | April 26 2018--U.S. Supreme Court Takes Travel Ban Case

source: NEWS with Subtitles       2018年4月25日
A U.S. Supreme Court case, a speech by France's president, a report from Facebook, and the work of a Positive Athlete compose today's edition of CNN 10.

Planning events, with my sister Lisa

source: Speak English with Christina     2018年3月28日

REMEMBER ANYTHING with the Memory Palace Method

source: JamesESL English Lessons       2018年3月19日
There is a lot of memorization that goes into learning a new skill, and learning English is no exception. In this lesson, I will teach you a useful strategy that will help you memorize and remember almost anything. It's called the "memory palace", and you can start using it today. I will show you the three keys to making the memory palace work for you. You will learn how to make associations to help your brain remember not only words, but also their specific order. The memory palace will help you remember all sorts of material in any subject. Make the memory palace a regular part of your study routine, and see how much your memory improves.

Salary Negotiation: 6 Tips on How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

source: Linda Raynier        2016年12月21日
In this video, I will teach you 6 salary negotiation tactics on how to negotiate a higher salary for yourself, whether you’ve just received a new job offer or you’re wanting to ask for a raise in your current job.
You will learn the salary negotiation techniques that I know work on how to negotiate a salary that is in line with your expectations.
There are many salary negotiation strategies, but it takes the right salary negotiation skills to get that bump in pay that matches what the market offers and what you’re worth.

The 6 Major Tips on How to Negotiate a Higher Salary include:
Tip # 1: Talk about your value - bring up evidence that prove why you’re worth what you’re worth.
Tip #2: Do market research - know what the market is paying for someone with your credentials and level of experience.
Tip #3. Give a number, not a range - many people are afraid to offend the employers and give a range for what salary they’d be open to. This is not the way to go.
Tip #4. Go in with leverage - you want to leverage everything you can to enhance your chances of getting that bump in pay.
Tip #5. Time it appropriately - if you’re in a job offer situation vs. asking for a raise, you need to know the right timing on when to bring up your salary expectations
Tip #6. Be humble and polite, yet confident.
Watch the video so you can learn the salary negotiation skills that I know work to getting you a higher salary.

Learn English with TV Series: Seinfeld

source: Learn English With TV Series      2018年1月18日
Learn English with this hilarious clip from the popular American TV Series, SEINFELD.

This is what you should say in IELTS Speaking Part 1

source: IELTS Ryan       2018年3月23日

FOR, SINCE or AGO? Prepositions of Time

source: Learn English with     2018年3月13日
In this English grammar lesson you will learn how to use English prepositions of time. You will be able to understand the difference between those prepositions: FOR, SINCE and AGO and make great phrases.

Useful Phrasal Verbs to Easily Talk about Clothing

source: Interactive English       2018年3月27日
We wear clothes and use phrasal verbs all the time. So that means we should know how to use clothing phrasal verbs correctly.

Why can’t I speak fluent English? Stop these 7 things now– Speak fluentl...

source: Learn English with Let's Talk        2018年3月27日
You are trying really hard to speak fluent English, but your English is not improving or it’s simply not going anywhere beyond the beginner English level. Are you wondering, why is that? Have you tried to find reasons why is your English not improving? In spite of taking so many efforts such as taking English classes, watching English lessons online and many other advices that your teachers give you regularly. Well, you are not alone, there are these 07 things you should stop doing immediately if you want to learn English faster and speak English fluently and confidently. It would take some time, but the end result would be great. Watch this English lesson carefully until the end with Michelle, as she gives you some useful insights based on her experience with English students.

How to Become a Faster Reader

source: Interactive English       2017年5月27日
In this lesson, we are giving you a lot of resources that you can use at anytime, any day, and they are all FREE, so you can practice anytime and improve your reading.

Do You Get "Get"?

source: Speak English with Christina       2015年8月23日

The Simple Present Tense

source: Gerry English Expressions        2015年12月27日

# click this line for more grammar videos on simple present tense