English in a Minute: Take With a Grain of Salt

source: VOA Learning English         2018年1月13日
What does salt have to do with suspicion? Watch this week's EIM to learn all about this expression.
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# take (something) with a pinch of salt
To consider or evaluate something, such as a statement, while keeping in mind that it may not be completely true or accurate, typically due to the unreliability of the source. I heard that you can get a free movie ticket if you wear red, but Kevin told me that, so I'm going to take it with a pinch of salt. Take whatever that paper publishes with a pinch of salt—it's really a tabloid.
# take something with a pinch of salt and take something with a grain of salt
Fig. to listen to a story or an explanation with considerable doubt. You must take anything she says with a grain of salt. She doesn't always tell the truth. They took my explanation with a pinch of salt. I was sure they didn't believe me.
(source: https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/take+with+a+grain+of+salt)

Present Perfect vs Simple Past Tense! Differences? Ask Alisha

source: Learn English with EnglishClass101.com      2018年1月15日
In this video, Alisha answers 8 questions.
- I am confused because I don't know differences between Present Perfect Tense and Simple Past Tense well
- What's the difference between ""one year"" and ""a year""?
- I drink coffee two TO three times a day / I drink coffee two OR three times a day. Which one is correct?
- ""I've never been to Japan. I've never been to Japan before."" My questions is... if you put ""before"" at the end of those sentences, does it mean you are in Japan right now?
- My question is that, where do we use """"wanna'' and """"gonna'' and how?
- When could i use the expression ""take for granted""?
- What is the difference between wish and desire?
- Hey Alisha, What's the difference between maybe, probably, perhaps, and possibly?

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Relationship Vocabulary 4 - Breaking up

source: Practice English with Paul       2015年6月22日
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00:34 to drift apart
01:15 to fall apart
01:55 to be distant (to)
02:14 to be at each other’s throats
02:29 to have a domestic
03:08 our marriage is on the rocks
03:37 things aren’t working out
04:08 to lose feelings
04:22 to call it a day
04:47 to separate (-ion)
05:07 to dump someone (to get dumped)
06:26 it’s over! We’re through!

Learn Multiple English Expressions with ’10 Animal Names’ | Improve you ...

source: Learn English with Let's Talk      2018年1月21日
Spoken English is strange and funny, especially for non-native English speakers. Do you know you could use animal names to describe good and bad things in English? In this English speaking lesson, you are learning to use Animal names to describe different things based on the behaviour of that animal. It’s going to help you to learn animal names which mean completely different things. Some of these animal names are quite interesting and would help you to expand your English vocabulary and speak fluent English.
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Duck – to dodge (verb) or a Sitting duck – a helpless victim or target
Dog – a wicked person (adjective) or Dog – to continuously question a person about something (verb)
Cat – a stylish lady or cat – someone who is witty and clever
Bear – a man who has a huge built, is hairy, resembles a bear or teddy bear- someone who is very warm and huggable.
Fox – a foxy woman is a sexy woman but when a man is called a fox, it means that he is cunning, can cheat easily and cannot be trusted.
Bird – can be used in place of a person, or bird breed – an insulting way of saying that someone is not intelligent. A man could also refer to a woman as a bird, to describe a beautiful woman.
Turkey – used to talk about someone who is not intelligent or cold turkey means to talk about something that is completely over or stopped like when going on a diet, you could say, “I have quit fried food cold turkey.
Tiger – a man who is fierce, especially a sportsperson who need to win be fierce to win a game.
Horse – Horsey is an adjective to talk about a person who as a long and ugly face. To horse around means to be loud, noisy and to be rough, mostly used with kids.
Bitch – used for a woman is considered rude, mean, who insults everyone, but it is an abuse so should be avoided.

CNN 10 | February 15 2018

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25 Words Learners Mispronounce | English Pronunciation Lesson

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Stop translating in your head & think directly in English

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Confusing English � Be Used To Doing / Used to Do / Get Used To

source: To Fluency      2018年1月11日
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This English lesson explains the difference between:
- be used to doing something
- used to do something
- get used to doing something
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25 of the Most Common Phrasal Verbs #7: look after / look up / make out

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Compound Adjectives in English

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How to Use Should in English - English Modal Verbs

source: Oxford Online English      2017年1月31日
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The full version includes the script and exercises to help you understand this topic fully.
Like most modal verbs, should has many different meanings and can be used in many different ways.

In this lesson, you can learn:
- The basic meaning of 'should.'
- How to make sentences with 'should'.
- How to use 'should' to give advice in English.
- How to express your opinions with 'should'.
- How to use 'should' in the past.
- How to use 'should' to talk about probability.

Some and Any: The Grammar Gameshow Episode 8

source: BBC Learning English         2017年11月29日

English Conversation Practice: Common topics in Daily Life Part 1

source: Helena Daily English      2017年5月3日
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