Present Perfect vs Simple Past Tense! Differences? Ask Alisha

source: Learn English with      2018年1月15日
In this video, Alisha answers 8 questions.
- I am confused because I don't know differences between Present Perfect Tense and Simple Past Tense well
- What's the difference between ""one year"" and ""a year""?
- I drink coffee two TO three times a day / I drink coffee two OR three times a day. Which one is correct?
- ""I've never been to Japan. I've never been to Japan before."" My questions is... if you put ""before"" at the end of those sentences, does it mean you are in Japan right now?
- My question is that, where do we use """"wanna'' and """"gonna'' and how?
- When could i use the expression ""take for granted""?
- What is the difference between wish and desire?
- Hey Alisha, What's the difference between maybe, probably, perhaps, and possibly?

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