CNN Student News with subtitles - December 13, 2016 | Trump breaks with Obama, intel ag...

source: NEWS with Subtitles     2016年12月12日
The White House orders a review of election-related hacking, politically uncertain South Korea keeps a wary eye on the North, and CNN Student News name the CNN Hero of 2016.
Topping today's show, as we resume our daily current events coverage: The White House orders a review of hacking related to U.S. elections. That's followed by reports on tensions and upheaval on the Korean Peninsula and the CNN Hero of the Year.
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Student News Anchor: Carl Azuz.

English in a Minute: Dog Eat Dog

source: VOA Learning English     2016年12月10日
Dogs are popular pets in many countries. But, this expression sounds terrible! Find out what a "dog eat dog" world is like in this week's English in a Minute.
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Phrasal Verbs for TRAVEL: "drop off", "get in", "check out"...

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]    2016年10月17日
Want to learn some extremely common verbs for traveling? You've come to the right place. They say traveling is the school of life. It is also a great opportunity to improve your English! In this video, I will teach you common phrasal verbs that we use when talking about traveling. But first, I will explain what phrasal verbs are and show you their importance in conversational English. We will look at how to correctly use "drop off", "see off", "take off", "get in", "check in", and more. Join me, and get ready for a big trip to improve both your life and your English!

How to learn a new voice or accent - ESL LESSON

source: Simple English Videos    2016年5月24日
Learn how to improve your pronunciation, work on your accent and become more intelligible with great tips from impressionist Akeem Lawanson, the hilarious creator of the AtomicHole YouTube channel.
You'll also learn how to talk like Kermit the Frog, or any other celebrity or cartoon voices that tickle our fancy.
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Akeem was a well deserved YouTube2016 winner. Watch to the end to see his impersonation of Vicki.
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English Slang - FREAK

source: Learn English with Ronnie!    2009年10月25日 You've heard it from native English speakers... finally understand what they are freaking talking about in this slang lesson!

Breaking Promises

source: Twominute English    2013年7月4日
We make promises, but we may not be able to keep all of them! Sometimes we need to break our promises. Breaking a promise is necessary and even the correct thing to do if it becomes clear that a promise is doing more harm than good. Through this conversation, let's learn what to say in English while breaking our promises. Listen to the conversations carefully and understand how the words in the sentences are used.
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0:06 In this lesson you will learn how to talk in English while breaking promises.
0:16 Sandra, I had to break a promise I made to you.
0:20 What are you talking about?
0:22 I had to give Duke the money I saved for our trip.
0:26 But why did he need it this time?
0:28 His dad had a stroke today, and he had no money for the hospital.
0:33 I see. Why are you so upset? Maybe we both should visit him.
0:38 Listen Sandra, I’m sorry I broke my promise again. It’s the second time I couldn’t keep my word.
0:44 C’mon, that’s Ok! In fact, I’m proud that you helped somebody in need!
0:55 Why aren’t you eating the cake, Sandra?
0:56 Why aren’t you eating the cake, Sandra?
0:58 Err...Can I please skip that?
1:01 It’s my birthday cake! What’s the matter?
1:04 I promised Kurt that I wouldn’t eat sweets.
1:08 Oh! C’mon, this small piece of cake won’t raise your cholesterol!
1:13 But I promised him!
1:15 Okay! You can blame me! I’ll handle him.
1:19 Alright! I’m breaking my promise, but I won’t eat any sweets other than the cake.
1:30 Your nails look so pretty in this pink!
1:33 Your nails would look great, too. Why don’t you color them?
1:37 When I was a child, my grandma made me promise not to color my nails.
1:43 Oh my God! You’re still keeping that promise! I don’t even remember it.
1:48 Yeah! Maybe I’m too stubborn, but I remember her everytime I see nail polish.
1:56 I made the same promise, don’t you remember? You shouldn’t hold on to such things!
2:01 I’m sure that if your granny were still alive she’d paint your nails herself!
2:06 Alright! I think it’s time to break that promise.
2:15 Willy, you promised you wouldn’t get angry if I told you the truth.
2:20 Shut up man! You’re flirting with my girlfriend.
2:23 No Willy. I am not. She’s the one who called me and asked me out. I refused to go out with her, but I needed to tell you this.
2:32 How could she do that! She promised me she’d be mine forever.
2:37 You can’t trust that girl, Willy. I think you need to break up with her.
2:42 You are right, buddy. She’s not the right girl for me.
2:45 She will never find a guy like you, Willy.
2:51 I had to break a promise I made to you.
2:58 I’m sorry I broke my promise again.
3:04 It’s the second time I couldn’t keep my word.
3:10 I’m breaking my promise, but I won’t eat any sweets other than the cake.
3:22 I think it’s time to break that promise.
3:29 She promised me she’d be mine forever.

IELTS listening practice test with answer key

source: Crown Academy of English     2015年9月27日
English grammar:
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Assume or Presume?

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)    2012年12月30日 Many times students "presume" that their bad grammar in English is correct because they base it on false "assumptions". If you never want to be so "presumptuous", WATCH THIS VOCABULARY LESSON! Then TAKE THE QUIZ:

Last resort / See the last of something

source: Espresso English     2015年2月28日
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