English Vocabulary Words - Types of Bread

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Adjectives to describe food in English

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# Vinegary - which means tasting of vinegar … could be white vinegar , apple cider vinegar or any other kind .Basically used to indicate the typical sour taste of vinegar .For Ex: The salad is too Vinegary
# Piping - which means steaming .. where you can see steam rising from it .. mostly used for hot liquids . for Ex: " piping hot soup"
# ​Well done - meaning well cooked .. or cooked to the correct degree .. normally used to refer to meat ..For ex: "the steak is ​well done"
# Appetising - meaning pleasing to look at & appealing to the senses ...looks inviting enough for you to taste it . For ex: The dinner looks appetising .
# Aromatic - meaning food that smells great or is fragrant / or has an aroma (smell ) that makes you want to taste it .For ex: Your dish is very aromatic and tempting .
# Palatable - meaning food that looks just alright or is good enough to be eaten or consumed.This adjective does not compliment the food in a big way . It indicates that the food is just about edible .For ex: The food looks barely palatable .
# Nutritious /Wholesome - food that is full of nutrients and the vital food groups which nourish the body . For Ex: A nutritious , wholesome meal is good for health.
# Rancid - food that has gone bad and cannot be eaten .. mostly indicates food that has been stored for a while and now its taste has changed to an unnatural sour, pungent taste . For Ex: The peanuts have gone rancid .
# Crispy - mostly used for fried food .. meaning food that is crisp or hard enough but that can be bitten into easily and has a delightful taste .
For Ex: Crispy french fries.
# Crunchy - can be used for fried food - meaning food that makes a sound or a crunch when you bite in to it ..
For Ex: Crunchy Chips /biscuits
# Crumbly - mostly used for baked food items - meaning food that crumbles or falls to tiny crumbs or pieces when you bite into it .
For Ex: crumbly cookies or brownies .
# Spongy - meaning soft to touch and taste - For Ex: A spongy cake that is soft .
# Gooey - meaning soft and liquidy - most used for dessert ..For ex: A gooey melted chocolate fudge .