Talking About Gifts & Christmas in English | Advanced

source: To Fluency       2017年12月4日
In this lesson, we talk about gifts and Christmas 🎄
Notice how many times we use GET in this lesson. Be sure to turn on the subtitles if you find it too difficult and watch it 2-3 times to get the repetition you need!

Here are the key phrases that we used:
- it is almost Thanksgiving
- we have to get our gifts a little early this year
- we’re spending the holidays with your family in the UK
- secret Santa
- you don’t know who is getting your gift
- I feel like I’ve gotten to know her so well
- she’s taken care of the kids
- I got her a pair of cozy slippers
- I just loved being able to really concentrate on one person
- try to budget how much to spend on each of them
- I so badly want to talk about my secret santa for this year
- last year my mum got me this
- she had somebody make that
- I’m a little bit worried that I’m going to forget what people got me
- it’s evident that you like getting gifts
- you get excited about getting gifts
- it was my fault because I should have done that earlier
- I like to leave things to the last minute
- I’m the same way
- if it’s something I’m excited about, I can’t do it fast enough
- You do most of it online now?
- I like shopping in person better
- you can also discretely ask what the person might like
- do you like shopping for other people
- I feel like we’re at an age where…
- last year you could tell him that something was happening…
- he and his friends have been talking a lot about santa clause
- santa clause vs father christmas
- when did you realize that Santa Claus wasn’t real
- It was probably when I was around six
- I had a strong suspicion that he wasn’t real
- I have a real good thing going here
- you know my mother, she is very practical
- our stockings would be filled with pencils and….
- that seems so classic and old-fashioned
- there’s pressure to go way over the top
- this year, santa’s going to get you
- they used to have really good commercials
- it’s not Terry’s, it’s mine
- I’m getting older now
- Don’t ruin it for Patrick
- I have cousins who are older than me
- it was at my parent’s house where my cousin realized Santa wasn’t real
- my parents were so eager to keep that magic alive
- they set everything up perfectly
- he burst into tears
- you use it for leverage
- I remember being in the school playground
- he said that he overheard his parents talking about it
- let’s see if they calm down
- there are all these pictures of kids freaking out
- they have a top notch Santa
- did you prefer a gift or money?
- There was a lot of pressure to save the money
- I preferred the money
- I wouldn’t like any of those things
- I went through a stage of saving money too
- they became collector’s items
- I swear I had that little piggy
- looking back, I just spent it on whatever was popular
- you were into all the trends
- when I was younger, they just started coming out with nail polish
- I sent my dad to get…
- her big brother made fun of me
- it’s almost worse when someone buys it for you
- do you want to get these for my birthday
- can you sense that excitement?
- I used to like wrapping presents
- the supplies dwindled down a lot when we moved
- it just depends on the shape of the present

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Download the question paper and blank answer sheet before you start, and write your answers on the question paper while you are listening. Use a pencil.
Listen to the instructions for each section of the test carefully. Answer all of the questions.
There are 40 questions altogether. Each question carries one mark.
For each part of the test, there will be time for you to look through the questions and time for you to check your answers.
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source: Helena Daily English       2017年4月17日
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2. A take on something means: An opinion or interpretation of something.
3. To talk a big game means: To exaggerate one's abilities or powers.
4. To back something up means: To support, to lend evidence or strength to something.
5. To be wet behind the ears means: To be inexperienced or new at something.
6. In the same boat means: In the same situation.
7. To be or get canned means: To be or get fired.
8. To pass up for something means: To fail to consider for something or to grant a reward for something.
9. To earn peanuts means: To earn very little money
10. To make ends meet means: To earn enough money to pay for one's expenses.