Idioms and Phrases with Meaning and Example: Lesson 18

source: Helena Daily English       2017年4月17日
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1. To take the wind out of someone's sails means: To take away someone’s enthusiasm or hope for something.
2. A take on something means: An opinion or interpretation of something.
3. To talk a big game means: To exaggerate one's abilities or powers.
4. To back something up means: To support, to lend evidence or strength to something.
5. To be wet behind the ears means: To be inexperienced or new at something.
6. In the same boat means: In the same situation.
7. To be or get canned means: To be or get fired.
8. To pass up for something means: To fail to consider for something or to grant a reward for something.
9. To earn peanuts means: To earn very little money
10. To make ends meet means: To earn enough money to pay for one's expenses.