Learning grammar without rules

source: Slow Easy English

How to learn English if you are a lazy learner

source: Steve Kaufmann - lingosteve

3 learning styles (visual, audio and kinesthetic)

source: JODDLE your English

4 listening skills for advanced learners

source: JamesESL   2013年2月22日
#1--don't think, just listen
#2--ask questions
#3--home practice
#4--close your eyes

How NOT to Learn English--what you'd better avoid

source: JamesESL
quiz at http://www.engvid.com/how-not-to-lear...
# NOT good ways to learn English--
1. watch and repeat everything from TV, movies, music, etc.
2. use your electronic translator all the time
3. talk only to people from your language group
4. repeat incorrect (though comprehensible) English all the time
5. try nothing that is not from your culture
# inappropriate learning attitude--
1. Don't come prepared.
2. Try not to ask questions from the teacher in class.
3. Always watch and never participate in group work.
4. Do not do any assigned homework.
5. Be totally afraid of all tests and evaluations.

# How NOT to Learn English at Home--
1. Do not study in an area free of distractions.
2. When listening always watch with subtitles.
3. Don't practice the techniques you have discovered.
4. Don't find out the best way for you to learn.
5. Don't make a specific time for studying.

how to learn vocabulary & how many words do you need to know

source: Slow Easy English
# The WRONG way to learn vocabulary

# The RIGHT way to learn vocabulary

# How many words do you need to know?

At the Dentist - Health English Lesson

source: Twominute English    2013年10月17日
No matter how old we get, one thing we'll always dread is a visit to a dental clinic. Even though our parents always advise us to visit the dentist once in every 6 months, we really never bother to listen. Hence, the next visit to your dentists is always painful and threatening. Well, we have got some phrases that you can use to express your problems and feelings to your dentist. Practice at the end to build your fluency and comprehension.

# having a bad toothache
--Hello, Jodie. How are you doing?
--Not good, Doc, I've got a bad toothache.
--Hmm...let me check.
--Is it something bad?
--Well, nothing unusual for a sweet tooth like you. You've got another set of cavities.
--Ouch. But I've been taking a good care of my teeth.
--The gaps you have between your teeth make you prone to frequent cavities. This is the reason I keep on asking you to visit the dentist once every 6 months to maintain your oral hygiene.
--Yes, I know you're right. Are the cavities really bad?
--Not that bad. We'll fix them up with composite filling.
# getting your teeth cleaned
--Hi, how are you?
--I'm good. I'm actually tired of these stains on my teeth. Could you please suggset any treatment that could remove them permanently?
--Well, we can fix that with scaling and polishing.
--How much will it cost?
--The whole process will take 3-4 sittings of 45 minutes each. Each sitting will cost you $50.
--Will it be painful?
--No. Not at all. You won't even know what's going on.
--Can I get an appointment for the first sitting?
--Sure. You can come tomorrow morning at 11.
--Okay. Thanks.
# chipped tooth
--Hi Susan. How are you?
--Not good, Doc. I got my tooth chipped last night.
--How did that happen?
--I slipped off the stairs last night.
--Sounds bad. C'mon, show me your chipped tooth.
--Ouch! That's really bad.
--Can you fix it?
--Well, we'll have to put a clown over that chipped tooth.
--Will that be painful?
--Yes, it can be a little painful. But, if you want, I can use anesthesia.
--No, that's okay. I can bear a little pain.
# getting veneers
--I have these gaps in between my front teeth. Is there any way I can get them covered?
--Yes. We can use composite material to fix them up. But I see you have a pretty big gap on both sides, I suggest veneers.
--How much will it cost?
--Veneers would cost you around $250 per tooth.
--That's pretty expensive. How long would it last?
--Veneers can last up to 7 years if taken care of properly.
--That's pretty good. Alright. I'll check my dental plan coverage first and let you know.