How NOT to Learn English--what you'd better avoid

source: JamesESL
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# NOT good ways to learn English--
1. watch and repeat everything from TV, movies, music, etc.
2. use your electronic translator all the time
3. talk only to people from your language group
4. repeat incorrect (though comprehensible) English all the time
5. try nothing that is not from your culture
# inappropriate learning attitude--
1. Don't come prepared.
2. Try not to ask questions from the teacher in class.
3. Always watch and never participate in group work.
4. Do not do any assigned homework.
5. Be totally afraid of all tests and evaluations.

# How NOT to Learn English at Home--
1. Do not study in an area free of distractions.
2. When listening always watch with subtitles.
3. Don't practice the techniques you have discovered.
4. Don't find out the best way for you to learn.
5. Don't make a specific time for studying.