Expressing unhappiness about your job - Business English Lesson

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Pull their weight:
Doing a fair portion of your work or responsibility. If someone isn’t doing it, they are being lazy and not contributing as much as they should.

Picking up the slack.
Doing extra work because others are not doing their share of the entire workload.

Office politics:
People using power or influence in a company to get advantages for themselves. (not a very good thing)

Kissing up:
say and do lots of nice things for a person because you want to get on their good side so that you can always get favors. Also called as buttering someone up

Call the shots:
Making important decisions

Move up the ranks:
Getting a promotion, a better salary or more authority in the company

Micro manage:
Try to control every single detail of a project or of someone’s work

Breathing down my neck:
Closely watching and monitoring you (very annoying)

Leave a lot to be desired:
Unsatisfactory, not as good as you’d like to be

I’m Spread too thin:
Trying to do too many things at one time. You can’t give enough attention to everything.

Let's Learn English Lesson 23: What Do You Want?

source: VOA Learning English    2016年8月2日
Anna and her boss go on a trip around the world. That is, they eat foods from around the world. Where will they find all these foods?
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Let's Learn English Lesson 23 Pronunciation Practice

source: VOA Learning English     2016年7月27日
In this video, you can learn about three informal English expressions: outta, yep, and whaddaya. ​​​​
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SAT Vocabulary List #29

source: Catlin Tucker  2014年5月12日
Please take Cornell notes on these words and write down any examples that will help you to remember their meaning. Remember, your can pause this recording at any time if it is going too fast.

Pronunciation - QU

source: EnglishLessons4U      2013年4月24日 How do you make the "qu" sound in English? Learn the differences between the sound of words like "quite", "quit", and "quiet", and learn how to say the QU sound in English easily!

3 tricks for learning English - prepositions, vocabulary, structure

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid)    2013年9月13日 Watch this lesson and learn 3 tricks to make learning English vocabulary, prepositions, and syntax easy, fun, and effective. Well, stop reading and start watching... let's get to the lesson RIGHT NOW!

Baseball Game Sports Vocabulary

source: Twominute English    2014年3月2日
Baseball is a sport which is pretty popular in America but is rarely played in other countries. You might be new to baseball and probably won't know what a strike is, or a home run, and most likely there are many other terms you just don't know the meaning. It can seem complicated and there are a lot of terms which have a different meaning in baseball than they do somewhere else. In this lesson we will learn some baseball terminology to help you understand the game, and which will also help you enjoy yourself more if you have the opportunity to actually watch a baseball game.

0:12 Hello dear viewer! How are you?
0:14 Do you enjoy baseball?
0:16 Sometimes we make a social event out of watching the game by inviting friends to our place.
0:21 Maybe going over to someone else’s place to watch the game on TV, or even by going out to watch the game together.
0:27 This lesson shows some conversations that are about baseball and how we enjoy it.
0:32 To brush up on your vocabulary, have a look at the vocabulary section at the end.
0:37 Shall we get started then?
0:46 Hello Andrea.
0:47 Hey Bobby!
0:48 So, on Saturday there’s a baseball game at Yankee Stadium. Would you like to go?
0:52 That sounds like fun.
0:54 It's a night game. Is that all right?
0:56 Probably. What time does it start?
0:58 I think it starts at 6 pm.
1:00 Oh, that's all right. Then I’ll see you on Saturday!
1:09 Hey Luke. So which baseball team you like the most?
1:12 I like the New York Yankees. What about you?
1:16 I really like the Texas Rangers.
1:18 Yes, the Texas Rangers are good. But nothing compared to the Yankees.
1:24 Oh come on man. You’re just saying that because you’re a fan.
1:27 Yeah I am. And last month the Texas Rangers lost the game against the Yankees.
1:34 I know that but that doesn't make them any less than the Yankees.
1:37 Okay, okay. They're both equally good. Happy now?
1:42 Yes!
1:50 Hey Jack. Are you a baseball fan?
1:52 Yes, I am. Why?
1:55 Ummm. I always wanted to know just how many players are even on a baseball team.
2:01 Okay. There are 9 players from one team on the field at one time,
2:05 while the other team is the one hitting the ball and trying to score a run.
2:10 There are three outfielders and three basemen, one shortstop, one pitcher and one catcher.
2:19 Okay. So what do the three outfielders do?
2:22 If the batter from the other team hits the ball out past the bases,
2:27 they have to get the ball and throw it back and try and get the batter out.
2:32 Oh really? That's awesome. I had no idea..
2:36 Yeah. Each team at bat gets three outs.
2:40 If you get the third one, the other team gets their turn at bat.
2:46 Okay. Now I that I know a few things that I'm supposed to know, I can watch a baseball game
2:51 Yeah. Have fun!
2:53 Thanks, Jack!
2:55 You’re welcome.
3:02 Hey Bobby.
3:03 Hey Rita. What's up?
3:04 Nothing, I was just about to start watching the baseball game.
3:07 Oh really? Me, too. Yankees vs Rangers. It's gonna be some game.
3:12 I bet it will. So do you prefer watching the game on television or at a stadium?
3:17 Well, I guess everyone likes going to a stadium. But you can't really go all the time, right?
3:21 No, it’s too expensive, and I don't like going to crowded places. I prefer watching on television.
3:27 We should watch the game together next Friday!
3:29 Yeah sure. At my place.
3:31 Okay. See you.
3:32 See you then.
3:40 Hey Judy. You look puzzled!
3:42 Yes... I was just trying to figure something out.
3:45 What is it?
3:46 I was wondering... what is a home run in baseball?
3:50 A home run is when a batter hits the ball so far,
3:53 that none of the outfielders can get to it and throw it back to get the batter out,
3:58 before he has run to all three bases and gotten back to home plate where he started from.
4:04 Oh. Okay! But why do they call it a "home run"?
4:08 I guess it’s because he starts from home plate and runs around the field until he ends up back at home plate
4:14 so he’s running from home to home without stopping!
4:18 So a home run is a good thing!
4:21 Yes, a very good thing, especially if there are other batters already on the bases,
4:26 because they get to run home too, and each one who gets back home gets a point.
4:33 And the one with the most points wins!
4:36 That’s the way it works!
4:46 It’s the place where the games are played and where people can go and watch it live.
4:55 A game that’s either started after dark, or starts before dark but continues after dark and is played under electric lights.
5:06 A fan is someone who really enjoys the game, knows quite a bit about it, and watches as often as possible.
5:16 When a player gets back to home plate after touching all three other bases he has scored a run.
5:26 An outfielder is one of the three team members who are the farthest away from home plate,
5:31 that is, in the outfield, and try to either catch the ball or get it and throw it back and get the batter out.
5:40 A baseman is assigned to play one of the three bases and try to put a batter out.
5:49 The shortstop plays between second and third base and tries to keep the ball from going into the outfield.
5:58 The pitcher throws the ball to the batter, who tries to hit it.
6:06 The catcher stands behind the batter and catches the pitched ball if the hitter doesn’t hit it.
6:14 The player whose turn it is to try to hit the ball. He stands at home plate in front of the catcher.
6:25 The player or the team at bat is the one who gets to try to score a run, while the other team tries to keep them from scoring.
6:37 A batter or runner who is touched by the ball while it is in the hands of the opposing team is out.
6:43 He doesn’t get to make a score and has to leave the field.
6:47 An out may also be made when someone catches a hit ball before it touches the ground.
6:57 Where the batter stands to hit, and where each batter and runner have to get back to in order to score a run.
7:06 I hope you had a great time watching this lesson.
7:08 We’ll be back with a new one tomorrow. Make sure you come back for it!
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7:16 Do you have a question? Please write your comments below.
7:19 See you tomorrow!

English Collocations with the word CAR

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Idioms in English - 'Blue'

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