Expressing unhappiness about your job - Business English Lesson

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2016年8月7日
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Pull their weight:
Doing a fair portion of your work or responsibility. If someone isn’t doing it, they are being lazy and not contributing as much as they should.

Picking up the slack.
Doing extra work because others are not doing their share of the entire workload.

Office politics:
People using power or influence in a company to get advantages for themselves. (not a very good thing)

Kissing up:
say and do lots of nice things for a person because you want to get on their good side so that you can always get favors. Also called as buttering someone up

Call the shots:
Making important decisions

Move up the ranks:
Getting a promotion, a better salary or more authority in the company

Micro manage:
Try to control every single detail of a project or of someone’s work

Breathing down my neck:
Closely watching and monitoring you (very annoying)

Leave a lot to be desired:
Unsatisfactory, not as good as you’d like to be

I’m Spread too thin:
Trying to do too many things at one time. You can’t give enough attention to everything.