Benjamin 0043 Sentence Stress

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CNN Student News - May 31, 2016 - English Sub

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5 common mistakes in spoken English

source: JamesESL English Lessons (engVid) 2012年6月5日 Other or another? Make or do? Fun or funny? In this lesson, I'm going to teach you how to avoid FIVE very common mistakes in spoken English. I'll go over five confusing pairs of words, and tell you when each word should be used. Take ten minutes to watch this class and improve your spoken English immediately. Then take the quiz at !

Financial English Vocabulary - Global Economic Crisis

source: Business English Pod     2009年4月20日
Learn financial English vocabulary.
Visit http://VideoVocab.TV to view and download more videos on Business English vocabulary for ESL.
Here's a new Business English vocabulary lesson for ESL on the global financial crisis and recession.

Financial English Vocabulary VV 28 - Bonds (Lesson 1) | English Vocabulary for Finance

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http://VideoVocab.TV Bonds have been a hot topic in the news recently. But what exactly are bonds and how do they work? In this English vocabulary lesson, we'll explain some of the main ideas and vocabulary, starting with key terms such as yields, coupons, and maturity. Then we'll get into different types of bonds. And finally we'll look at how governments use bonds to finance their borrowing needs.

English in a Minute: As the Crow Flies

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Have you ever heard someone use "as the crow flies" in a sentence?
Watch this video and find out what this phrase means in American English.
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Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences | Unit 3

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Crazy English 365 Sentences | Unit 3:
40. Don't bother
41. Don't get me wrong
42. Don't give up
43. Don't jump to conclusions
44. Don't let me down
45. Don't make any mistakes
46. Don't mention it
47. Don't miss the boat
48. Don't take any chances
49. D on't take it for granted
50. Don't worry about it
51. Easy come, easy go
52. Enjoy your meal
53. Easier said than done
54. First come, first served
55. For here or to go
56. Forget it
57. Forgive me
58. Give me a call
59. Give my best to your family
60. Have him return my call
61. Have you ever been to Japan?
62. Have you finished yet?

Then or Than?

source: Learn English with Emma  2012年12月5日 She is taller THEN you or she is taller THAN you? Than and then are words that are often confused by both native English speakers and people learning English. In this lesson, you will learn when to use than and then and how to pronounce them. Watch this video to see many examples of the differences, then try our quiz to test your understanding.

Hunting for a job - Finding a job conversation

source: Twominute English      2013年1月17日
Exercise section for this lesson:
0:00 Welcome to Teaching you English in two minutes or less.
0:06 In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when searching for a job.
0:15 Good morning. My name is Joe Smith. I’ve learnt there’s a vacancy for a sales executive in your company.
0:24 That’s right Mr. Smith. We are looking for an experienced sales person.
0:28 Sounds good. I have got 4 years of sales experience.
0:33 Great! What sort of products have you sold?
0:36 Well, I’ve mostly worked in the tech industry. I’ve sold computers.
0:41 That’s great! In that case I’d request you to come over for an interview.
0:45 Sure. I can do that. Can you tell me when to come?
0:51 What about this Wednesday 5 PM?
0:53 Okay. I’ll be there at 5.
0:59 Hello. Is that Mr. Mark Anderson?
1:01 Yes. What can I do for you?
1:04 I am calling from Market Corp. You’ve applied for a job with us. We received your resume in email.
1:10 Oh yes! I am interested in your vacancy for computer programmer.
1:14 Excellent! I saw your resume, it is very interesting. Can you come in for a personal interview?
1:20 Of course I can! When do you need me there?
1:23 If you can come on the 5th of this month, I will set up an appointment with our section head.
1:28 No problems. I can come on 5th.
1:31 Great! See you at 11 AM then.
1:34 Sure!
1:38 Hey Mark! How’s the job hunt going?
1:42 Hey Joe! Well, I have an interview lined up on the 5th.
1:46 That sounds exciting. Which company?
1:50 Well, it’s an ERP company.
1:52 Wow! What’s the profile you’ve applied for?
1:56 I’ve applied for Project Manager.
1:59 I am sure you will get it.
2:01 I hope so too. It looks like a great job!
2:01 I hope so too. It looks like a great job!
2:07 Good morning, may I speak with Mr. Joe Smith?
2:10 Yes, speaking.
2:12 Mr. Smith, this is Martha from Market People.
2:15 Oh, hello. Good to hear from you.
2:18 Well, congratulations, because you’ve been selected for the job you interviewed for.
2:23 Wow! That’s great! I am sure I will love working for this company.
2:29 I hope so too. Could you come on the 12th of this month for the orientation?
2:34 Yes, sure.
2:39 Hello, may I speak to Mr. Mark Anderson?
2:42 Yes, Mark speaking.
2:44 I am calling from Market Corp. You have an interview scheduled with us for the 5th
2:49 Yes I know. I will be there as required.
2:52 Well, I am sorry but we need to shift it to the 6th.
2:55 You see the person who is supposed to interview you will be out of town.
2:59 Hmm.. That’s okay. What time on the 6th then?
3:02 11 AM. I am really sorry we have to reschedule this.
3:07 No problems. I understand.
3:12 We are looking for an experienced sales person.
3:18 What’s the profile you’ve applied for?
3:24 I am really sorry we have to reschedule this.
3:30 Congratulations, because you’ve been selected for the job you interviewed for.
3:39 I saw your resume, it is very interesting. Can you come in for a personal interview?

IELTS & TOEFL Academic Vocabulary - Nouns (AWL)

source: English Lessons with Alex  2014年2月27日 Are you studying for TOEFL or IELTS? In this lesson you will learn academic and technical nouns which commonly appear on the tests. The vocabulary you learn here will be especially helpful in the reading section but will improve your score in the reading, writing, speaking, and listening sections as well. I will teach you nouns such as: "aspect", "disposal", "indication", "substitute", "trend", and others.