Learn English with THE HUNGER GAMES

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Let the games begin! Reading is a great way to improve your English, but it's sometimes difficult to know which book to start with. In this informative lesson, I explain why The Hunger Games is a good first novel choice for intermediate and advanced-level English learners. I also look at 10 vocabulary items from chapter 1 of the book, including words such as "swollen", "abandoned", and "upbeat". Get a FREE audiobook of THE HUNGER GAMES at: http://www.engvid.com/out/audiblealex
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Different types of doctors.

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# General Practitioner - Another term for a general practitioner is a Family Doctor who treats common health issues.
# Dermatologist - A Doctor who treats any skin,hair,nails related issues.
# Dentist - A Doctor who treats teeth and gum related issues. For good oral health we visit a dentist.
# Cardiologist - A heart Doctor who treats any cardiovascular diseases.
# Gynecologist / Obstetrician - Gynecologists work with female reproductive system whereas the Obstetrician work in a particular area of gynecology that focuses on childbirth. They perform c-secs, surgical removal of ovarian tumors etc.
# Optometrist - An Eye Doctor, any defects in the vision or any eye related issues we go see an Optometrist.
# Orthopedic Surgeon - A Doctor who treats the skeletal system.
# Pediatrician - The Doctors who work with infants, children and teenagers and treats various health issues.
# Urologist - The Doctor who specializes in issues related to urinary system and also treats male reproductive organs.
# Neurologist - The Doctor who treats the human brain. A Neurosurgeon is the one who operates on the human brain.

CNN Student News - November 24 2015 - English Sub

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