CNN 10 with subtitles | January 19, 2017 | Obama's last news conference | Daily Listening

source: Daily Listening     2017年1月18日
CNN 10 | January 19, 2017 | Obama's last news conference | Daily Listening hightlights: Today's show explains a U.N. report that 2016 was the warmest year on record, though that's not definitive in every measurement. We also give you an overview of President Barack Obama's last news conference as U.S. leader, and we take a look at the World Economic Forum meeting through the perspective of a skier assessing risk.
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Company Finance and Startups (1) | Financial English VV 51

source: Business English Pod    2017年1月18日
Download this Financial English lesson from Business English Pod:
In this Financial English vocabulary lesson, you can learn English vocabulary related to company finance and startup funding.
All companies need to raise capital to begin operations. These startup companies may choose to bootstrap the company using personal funding to provide seed capital for the early stages. Or they may seek out angel investors and venture capital by offering equity in rounds of financing called series A, B and C. They may also seek out strategic investors for extra capital and advice.

How to speak about fashion

source: Neil Collins     2017年1月18日

“You look amazing.”
“You look hot in that dress.”
“You look sexy in that suit.”
“You look so cool.”

Or if you are freaking out about your own clothes. And you think: “I’m not gonna get into this event. I’m not gonna get into this club.” You can say:
“Oh my God. I look awful.”

Or, make yourself feel better by looking at bad photos of celebrities:
“Oh my God. What has he done to his face? He looks hideous.”
“She looks unhealthy.”
“He looks miserable.”

Or you can say look like someone or look like something. So, auf Deutsch: “Du siehst aus wie jemand.” So for example.
“You look like Kim Kardashian. Be careful with your jewellery.”
“You look like a tourist. You’re not going to get into Berghain dressed like that.”
“I look like a smurf.”
“Oh my god! I look like shit. I’m so hungover. I think I’m gonna get sick.”

And finally, you can also use look as a noun to describe the appearance or the overall impression that the clothes communicate. So, for example, you can say.
“Oh, that look is so now.”
“That look is a little bit last year.”

Or you could ask the question.
“So, what look is that?”
And the answer could be:
“Oh, it’s the classy look.”
Or: “This is the sporty look.”
Or “This is the Berlin look.”

Feelings | I'm ... | Set 1 | Updated | English Speaking Practice

source: Mark Kulek      2017年1月16日

How to learn English if you are shy

source: Learn English with Emma [engVid]    2017年1月16日
Are you shy? Do you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when speaking English? Are you envious when your classmates, coworkers, or friends seem so comfortable speaking English to each other or in front of groups? In this video, I will give you advice to overcome your shyness. If you are shy, don't be discouraged, because you can learn English just as well as talkative, social people, but you need to use different strategies. Today, I will share my tips and tricks with you to help you break out of your shell!
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English at University: 2 - Learn phrases about asking for directions

source: BBC Learning English    2016年9月27日
Mary's just landed in London and is heading off for the University of Studies – but there's a problem – she's already lost. Will the 'helpful and friendly' people of Britain help her to get where she wants to go?
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Hello and welcome to English at University - the series that teaches some English phrases to help you through your first year at university. Mary's just landed in London and is heading off for the University of Studies – but there's a problem – she's already lost. Mary, what's happened?

I think I got off at the wrong station and now I don't know which way to go.

It's time to ask for help. Don't be scared. You'll find Londoners helpful and friendly people. Just be polite and ask them the way and see what they say.

OK. Here goes. Err, help me will you. I don't know where to go.

What? Sorry, I'm in a rush.

You need to be polite, smile and start with 'excuse me'…

OK then. Excuse me… could you tell me the way to the University of Studies… please?

No. Never heard of it.

Oh dear. How am I going to find my way there? Oh, I'll ask him… I wonder if you could help me… please?

Are you lost?!

Yes, I am. Please could you give me directions to the University of Studies?

Yeah. Of course. I'm going there myself. It's my first day…

Me too! I don't suppose you could show me the way, could you?

… I don't know why I'm studying there though. I should have gone to Oxford or Cambridge… I did so well in my A levels… but I suppose I can share my 'wisdom' with the other undergraduates… anyway…

Ermm, there's a sign…

…my name's Daniel by the way. Are you just visiting?

No. I said I'm studying here too. My names Mary and look… there's a sign for the university.

Nice to meet you Mabel. I think it's a left turn here then straight on.

Oh dear Mary. Let's hope he's not doing the same course as you. He sounds like a complete loser – an idiot. Anyway, while Daniel's showing her where to go, let's look at the phrases she used to ask for directions…

Excuse me, could you tell me the way to…
I wonder if you could help me please?
Please could you give me directions to…
I don't suppose you could show me the way, could you?

You can practise these phrases, pick up a few more plus learn some top tips for travelling in the UK on our website at BBC Learning English dot com. Now, back to Mary… I've got a feeling she's has asked the wrong person for directions. This Daniel seems like a bit of a numpty – an idiot.

Strange… I thought it was down here. Maybe it was right at the junction?

Yep, he's a muppet. A total idiot.

Oh dear. Maybe we should ask that policeman over there?

No, no, we'll be fine. Err… taxi! Taxi!

How to get people to do what you want in English

source: Simple English Videos    2016年12月27日
Learn three ways to get people to do what you want in English. In this lesson we compare orders, requests and suggestions with Super Agent Awesome and we also hear that The English Show is going live on Sundays.
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5 tips to deal with awkward silence in a conversation - Improve your communication skills.

source: Skillopedia - Skills for the real world    2016年1月8日

1. Don't Panic
2. Come up with a new topic
3. Comment on the Silence
4. Avoid Flat responses
5. Take the opportunity to exit

At the train station

source: Twominute English    2013年1月20日
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0:07 In this lesson we will learn sentences and words that you can use at a train station.
0:16 Hello. I would like to buy a ticket to Chicago.
0:21 Would you like a round-trip ticket or a one-way ticket?
0:24 I don't know when I will be coming back, so I want a one-way ticket please.
0:29 When would you like to travel?
0:32 I would like to leave on Monday.
0:34 That will be $45 for the one-way ticket to Chicago.
0:39 Thank you. Here is my credit card.
0:41 This is your ticket. You'll find the car number and the seat number on the ticket.
0:46 Thank you. Goodbye.
0:52 Hello. I would like to buy a ticket to Chicago.
0:56 Would you like a round-trip ticket or a one-way ticket?
1:00 I am coming back soon so I want a round-trip ticket.
1:05 When are you leaving?
1:07 I am leaving on Tuesday and coming back on Saturday.
1:12 The train does not return from Chicago on Saturday.
1:15 Do you want a ticket for Sunday?
1:16 No, that will not be convenient. Could I get one for Friday?
1:22 Yes, there is a train that day.
1:25 Thank you. Please give me return ticket for Friday.
1:32 Can I check my luggage instead of carrying it on the train?
1:37 Yes, you can. There is no charge for that service.
1:40 Do you have your luggage here?
1:42 Yes. This is the bag I wish to check.
1:46 Let me put a tag on your bag and give you a receipt.
1:49 Thank you.
1:54 Hi Cindy! I am so glad you have come to visit us!
1:59 Oh, Laura! It is so good to see you.
2:03 Did you have a good trip?
2:05 Yes. The train was very fast,
2:08 and they had a restaurant car where I could eat lunch.
2:11 It was fun to sit at a table and watch the countryside go by as I ate.
2:16 That’s great! Do you have any luggage?
2:20 Yes, but I checked my big suitcase.
2:23 We will have to pick it up at the gate.
2:25 Let’s go!
2:29 Did you have a good trip?
2:34 When are you leaving?
2:37 I would like to buy a ticket to Chicago.
2:44 Would you like a round-trip ticket or a one-way ticket?
2:51 Can I check my luggage instead of carrying it on the train?