How to speak about fashion

source: Neil Collins     2017年1月18日

“You look amazing.”
“You look hot in that dress.”
“You look sexy in that suit.”
“You look so cool.”

Or if you are freaking out about your own clothes. And you think: “I’m not gonna get into this event. I’m not gonna get into this club.” You can say:
“Oh my God. I look awful.”

Or, make yourself feel better by looking at bad photos of celebrities:
“Oh my God. What has he done to his face? He looks hideous.”
“She looks unhealthy.”
“He looks miserable.”

Or you can say look like someone or look like something. So, auf Deutsch: “Du siehst aus wie jemand.” So for example.
“You look like Kim Kardashian. Be careful with your jewellery.”
“You look like a tourist. You’re not going to get into Berghain dressed like that.”
“I look like a smurf.”
“Oh my god! I look like shit. I’m so hungover. I think I’m gonna get sick.”

And finally, you can also use look as a noun to describe the appearance or the overall impression that the clothes communicate. So, for example, you can say.
“Oh, that look is so now.”
“That look is a little bit last year.”

Or you could ask the question.
“So, what look is that?”
And the answer could be:
“Oh, it’s the classy look.”
Or: “This is the sporty look.”
Or “This is the Berlin look.”