50 words that begin with G

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Legal English VV 50 - Intellectual Property & Copyright Law (2) | Business English Vocabulary

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In this lesson we’ll learn vocabulary related to copyright. Copyrighted works are created by authors, who receive royalties for the use of their work. Copyright exists for a specific term, and may be assigned to others. Limits to copyright include works in the public domain as well as fair use. We’ll also look at ideas like copyright infringement and piracy.

Business English Vocabulary VV 37 - Internet Marketing (Lesson 1) | English for Marketing

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In this http://VideoVocab.TV lesson, we'll look at English vocabulary related to Internet marketing. One of the most common approaches to Internet marketing is PPC, or pay per click advertizing, with ads displayed on websites organized into content networks.

Learn English: 7 FACE Expressions

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http://www.engvid.com/ Trying to improve your English? 'Let's face it', you are a busy person with a 'nose for value', trying to 'make headway' learning English. That's why you study with engVid! Did you understand the three face expressions that were just used? Press play to learn what these idioms and several more mean. Once you learn them all, test yourself with the quiz! http://www.engvid.com/7-face-expressi... While you're at it, check out our Facebook page: http://facebok.com/learn.english.free/

Business English - Idioms, and Phrases

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Business English Idioms and Phrases.
Whether we like it or not, the English speaking workplace is overflowing with idioms and phrases, you often get confused when you colleagues speak with those tricky idioms and everything seems bouncing off your head, isn't it ?
In this lesson Ceema brings out some of the common work place idioms and phrases those you would probably use while speaking to your office mates.

How to Say Thanks in English - Ways to Thank People. Thanking in English

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Whenever somebody does something for you, you need to thank them. Thanking people is very important if you want to be polite. You should thank people for all kind of things, whether big or small. Thank the person who gives you coffee at the coffee shop, the waiter who brings you your meal, the man who makes your bill. Thank all those who do things for you and you will earn a reputation as a polite and a cultured person.
You can thank people in many ways. There are many phrases you can use to say thanks. Let's see some example conversations and learn how to thank people.
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10 Everyday English Expressions with LET and LET'S

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How to Learn English with the News

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http://www.engvid.com/ Learn how to use the news to learn English. Improve your vocabulary and comprehension by listening to the news on TV and radio, or reading English news on the net or in newspapers and magazines.

English in a Minute: Over the Hill

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This idiom could get you in trouble. Find out what "over the hill" means and learn when (and when not!) to use this expression in this episode of English in a Minute!
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