English Way DVD 02 with English subtitles

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Learn to apologize, to count to 12 and ask for personal information such as name, occupation, nationality, age and birthday of someone.
Lesson 1 - Dinner is ready! // Possessive pronouns
Lesson 2 - Elena is looking for a job // "Possessive case" Weekdays
Lesson 3 - How was your day? // interrogative pronouns • interrogative and negative modes of the verb "to be" verbs • negative mode in the present tense ("do not" / "does not")

Color (English Picture – Lesson 8)

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Alpha Male--美语怎么说(11)

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1. alpha male 老大 
2. dog tired 精疲力尽 
3. bring someone to heel 使某人服从 
4. top dog 头儿 
5. fight like cats and dogs  一见面就掐 


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unexpected 意外的
I heard you're moving to San Francisco! That's kind of unexpected. I thought you love living in New York?
came out of nowhere 突然出现
Yeah! I'm so excited. This new job opportunity came out of nowhere and I had to take it.
pleasant surprise 惊喜
Well, that's a pleasant surprise for you! I hope you have a blast in San Francisco. We'll come visit you!
好!……Have you had a pleasant surprise recently?
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