10 Most Common English Idioms for ESL English Learners -...

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English Vocabulary Words for the Gym

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CNN Student News June 2, 2016 with English subtitles

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June 2, 2016 CNN Student News with subtitles, closed caption (You can click it on by yourself).

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Financial English Vocabulary Lesson for ESL: GM Bankruptcy

source: Business English Pod     2009年5月31日
Visit http://www.VideoVocab.TV to view and download more videos on Business English vocabulary for ESL.
In this Video Vocab TV lesson on financial English vocabulary related to bankruptcy, were going to look at General Motors impending Chapter 11 filing.

English Vocabulary for Economics VV 33 - Macroeconomics (Lesson 1) | Financial English Vocabulary

source: Business English Pod     2013年4月17日
In this http://VideoVocab.TV lesson, we'll look at some English macroeconomic terms, such GDP and GNP. We'll explore the natural business cycle, which includes periods of expansion, recession and sometimes even depression. We'll also look at the idea of trade balance between countries, which can be described as either a trade surplus or a trade deficit.

English in a Minute: Get a Grip

source: VOA Learning English    2015年10月24日
Has anyone ever told you to "get a grip?" What are they trying to tell you? Find out how to use this expression in this week's English in a Minute!
Originally published at - http://learningenglish.voanews.com/me...

Vocabulary: How to Use 'Aggravate' and 'Annoy'

source: English Lessons with Alex  2014年1月12日
http://www.engvid.com/ English teachers sometimes get annoyed when native speakers mistake these two words. If you want to avoid aggravating this annoying habit, just click on this lesson and put your questions to rest. If you're a native speaker, this lesson is also useful as a refresher, as it breaks down the essential misunderstanding many people have with these two common words. Take the quiz on this lesson here: http://www.engvid.com/vocabulary-aggr...

3 ways to express negative ideas POWERFULLY

source: Learn English with Rebecca 2014年01月19日
http://www.engvid.com/ In this advanced grammar lesson, you learn three ways to express a negative idea more powerfully in English. You'll upgrade your speaking and writing skills seriously by learning these bold expressions. http://www.engvid.com/express-negativ...