Vocabulary BREXIT (Lesson 27)

source: MrSkypelessons      2016年6月8日
An English vocabulary lesson on the theme of the BREXIT referendum. For upper intermediate and advanced learners. https://www.skype-lessons.com/vocabul...
Answer the following questions:
Are you biased concerning the E.U? Why?
Do you believe the E.U migration policy is a fair policy?
Does E.U bureaucracy protect workers rights?
What would be the (unintended) consequences of leaving the E.U?
What kind of events would be precipitated if we left the E.U? Could a conflict break out?
Would leaving the E.U lead to a golden age, or would it wreak havoc on the economy?
Would house prices plummet if we left the E.U?
Would prices in the shops rise or fall if we decided to choose independence?
Do you think there is a lot of scaremongering for this referendum? Which side is most guilty of it?
Does migration breed resentment in your area? Why?

VV19 English Vocabulary for Marketing - Branding (Part 2)

source: Business English Pod     2010年4月6日
Learn Business English vocabulary related to marketing and branding. Download all the videos from:http://www.VideoVocab.TV
In the last lesson (VV 18), we focused on developing a brand. In this lesson, we'll look at ways to promote a brand.

Financial English Vocabulary VV 41 - Corporate Taxes (Lesson 1) | Business English Vocabulary

source: Business English Pod     2015年2月3日
Download lots more Business English Vocabulary lessons at http://BusinessEnglishPod.com. In this Video Vocab lesson, we learn financial English vocabulary for discussing corporate taxes.

English in a Minute: Water Under the Bridge

source: VOA Learning English    2015年10月19日
Bridges often cross over bodies of water. But what could this idiom mean? Find out in this week's English in a Minute!
Originally published at - http://learningenglish.voanews.com/me...

Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences | Unit 7

source: Daily English Conversation       2016年2月15日
Learn English By Listening - Crazy English 365 Sentences Day 7.
126. I’ll keep my eyes open.
127. I’ll keep that in mind.
128. I’ll pick up the tab.
129. I’ll play it by ear.
130. I’ll see what I can do.
131. I’ll show you.
132. I’ll take care of it.
133. I’ll take it.
134. I’ll take your advice.
135. I’ll think it over.
136. I’ll treat you to diner.
137. I’ll walk you to the door.
138. I’m broke.
139. I’m crazy about English.
140. I’m easy to please.
141. I’m glad to hear that.
142. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
143. I’m good at it.
144. I’m in a good mood.
145. I’m in good shape.
146. I’m just having a look.
147. I’m looking for a part-time job.
148. I’m looking forward to it.
▶ Crazy English 365 full: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdq-4...

08 Funny idioms with food - Free English lesson (ESL)

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2014年8月30日
1. “Egghead”
Meaning : A very studious person, intellectually gifted in the field of academics, a very intelligent person
Example : I think Jane will do well in her finals. She has always been a kind of egghead from elementary school all the way through college.

2. “Big cheese”
Meaning : An important and influential person
Example : Do you know Peter? He’s a big cheese at the company, he may help you to get a good job there.

3. “Couch potato”
Meaning : A very lazy person who watches too much TV
Example : My uncle is a couch potato, you never see him without the remote control in his hand.

4. “Tough cookie”
Meaning :A very determined person, durable and robust person, a person who is difficult to deal with
Example : There is a tough cookie on the phone, he insists to talk to the manager, shall I put him through?

5. “Top banana”
Meaning :leader, boss, the chief person in a group, the head of a project
Example : I don’t know when we’ll finish, ask Jack, he’s the top banana here.

6. “Bad apple”
Meaning : Troublemaker, criminal
Example : He’s a real bad apple. If I were you, I wouldn’t let my daughter go out with him.

7. “Sour grapes”
Meaning : Pretending to dislike something that you can’t have
Example :The losers say they don’t mind that they couldn’t win the cup, but I’m sure this is only sour grapes.

8. “Lemon law”
Meaning : An American law that protects those who buy defective cars or other consumer goods
Example :Unfortunately, his new car had an engine defect, but he received a complete refund in accordance with the lemon law.

Learn English Phrases - Off the beaten path / In the middle of nowhere

source: Espresso English     2015年2月24日
Visit http://www.espressoenglish.net for English courses and e-books!

Learn Vocabulary - look, look like, look alike, look as if...

source: English Lessons with Adam    2014年10月14日
http://www.engvid.com It looks as though the word LOOK isn't as easy to use as it looks. In this English vocabulary lesson we look at this word in its different uses. It may seem simple, but you'll see that there are several different meanings here. I'll help you understand what native speakers are trying to say when they use these short combinations of words. Take a look at the quiz, too:http://www.engvid.com/vocabulary-look/