08 Funny idioms with food - Free English lesson (ESL)

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2014年8月30日
1. “Egghead”
Meaning : A very studious person, intellectually gifted in the field of academics, a very intelligent person
Example : I think Jane will do well in her finals. She has always been a kind of egghead from elementary school all the way through college.

2. “Big cheese”
Meaning : An important and influential person
Example : Do you know Peter? He’s a big cheese at the company, he may help you to get a good job there.

3. “Couch potato”
Meaning : A very lazy person who watches too much TV
Example : My uncle is a couch potato, you never see him without the remote control in his hand.

4. “Tough cookie”
Meaning :A very determined person, durable and robust person, a person who is difficult to deal with
Example : There is a tough cookie on the phone, he insists to talk to the manager, shall I put him through?

5. “Top banana”
Meaning :leader, boss, the chief person in a group, the head of a project
Example : I don’t know when we’ll finish, ask Jack, he’s the top banana here.

6. “Bad apple”
Meaning : Troublemaker, criminal
Example : He’s a real bad apple. If I were you, I wouldn’t let my daughter go out with him.

7. “Sour grapes”
Meaning : Pretending to dislike something that you can’t have
Example :The losers say they don’t mind that they couldn’t win the cup, but I’m sure this is only sour grapes.

8. “Lemon law”
Meaning : An American law that protects those who buy defective cars or other consumer goods
Example :Unfortunately, his new car had an engine defect, but he received a complete refund in accordance with the lemon law.