Vocabulary BREXIT (Lesson 27)

source: MrSkypelessons      2016年6月8日
An English vocabulary lesson on the theme of the BREXIT referendum. For upper intermediate and advanced learners. https://www.skype-lessons.com/vocabul...
Answer the following questions:
Are you biased concerning the E.U? Why?
Do you believe the E.U migration policy is a fair policy?
Does E.U bureaucracy protect workers rights?
What would be the (unintended) consequences of leaving the E.U?
What kind of events would be precipitated if we left the E.U? Could a conflict break out?
Would leaving the E.U lead to a golden age, or would it wreak havoc on the economy?
Would house prices plummet if we left the E.U?
Would prices in the shops rise or fall if we decided to choose independence?
Do you think there is a lot of scaremongering for this referendum? Which side is most guilty of it?
Does migration breed resentment in your area? Why?