A tower of strength - Shakespeare Speaks (with subtitles)

source: BBC Learning English      2016年3月29日
What's in a name? Learn a phrase from Shakespeare that is still in use today.
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Narrator: It was a dark and stormy night. Thomas Swann is in his favourite pub, the Duck and Whistle. He's rehearsing the role of King Richard in Shakespeare's Richard III.

Thomas: The King's name is a tower of strength... Hmmm. I could play it quietly: The King's name is a tower of strength... or angrily: The King's name is a tower of strength...

Barmaid: Here you go Mr Will, Mr Thomas, two more ales.

Thomas: Will, how should I play this line? What is Richard's motivation here?

Will: Thomas, Thomas, don't you understand? King Richard is about to go into battle. The opposing army has six or seven thousand men.

Thomas: That's a lot of men!

Will: Richard is not afraid. He has three times that number of soldiers.

Thomas: Twenty thousand men - that's a big army!

Will: Yes, but Richard has something more powerful than even the greatest army. He has his name: King Richard. That name makes him strong; powerful. It makes ordinary people fear and respect him.

Thomas: So the name King Richard is as strong as a tower...

Will: Exactly. Richard's enemies don't have that.

Thomas: So this line needs strength and confidence.

Will: Yes. This play is about power - and what people will do to get it. Let us rehearse. I am Norfolk, your general. Six or seven thousand is their utmost power.

Thomas Swann as Richard III: Why, our battalion trebles that account. Besides, the King's name is a tower of strength

Which they upon the adverse party want.

Will: You have it! Well done! I'll drink to that. Another jug of ale!

Barmaid: Here you are, sir.

Narrator: We'll leave them there for now. In Richard III, or as I like to call it, the Mafia play, King Richard murdered everyone that stood between him and the absolute power that he wanted, including the Prince of Wales, his brother Clarence, Misters Rivers, Vaughn and Grey, Lord Hastings, King Edward IV's two young sons - and his own wife! Of course, these days, you don't have to kill your family to be described as a tower of strength - you just have to be strong, reliable, trustworthy, dependable and good in a crisis. Like footballer David Beckham, who said:

Clip 1: Alex Ferguson was like a father to me. He was a tower of strength.

Clip 2: My husband was a tower of strength when I had that operation - he really looked after me well.

Barmaid: Mr Will, a message from your wife. She says if you're not home in five minutes, don't bother coming home ever again.

Thomas: The old ball and chain at it again, eh? Come on Will, have another beer!

Will: Hmmm... To beer, or not to beer: that is the question.

Peter's tower of strength: Shakespeare Speaks Extras

source: BBC Learning English     2016年3月21日
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Intonation for Strong Emotions - Pronunciation with JenniferESL

source: JenniferESL    2017年2月2日
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0:01 Exercise. Recognizing the rise-fall pattern.
1:36 Lesson title
1:46 What is the rise-fall pattern?
3:20 Questions for confirmation: high rise
4:18 Other patterns for negative emotions
4:49 Dialog practice
6:30 Final listen-repeat practice (10 items)
7:31 Lesson ending
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Could Have Been, Would Have Been and Should Have Been

source: Go Natural English    2015年6月29日
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Cat Idioms - EnglishAnyone.com

source: EnglishAnyone    2011年6月18日
There are tons of cat idioms in English and we'll go over a few of them in this video.

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag
The cat is out of the bag is an expression that means a secret has been revealed.
There's no use keeping the surprise party a secret from John. The cat's already out of the bag!

Cat got your tongue?
We use the question, "has the cat got your tongue?" to ask someone why they are unable to speak.
Whose number is this on your phone, dear? What's the matter? Has the cat got your tongue?

A Fat Cat
A fat cat is an impolite way of describing someone who is rich and powerful.
The fat cats in government don't care what happens to us little people!

When The Cat's Away...
When the cat's away means that when parents, bosses and other authority figures are not around, children, employees and other subordinates will do what they like.
My wife and I are taking a trip together next month without our 16 year old son. He's a good kid, but when the cat's away, the mice will play!

To Be The Cat's Whiskers
To be the cat's whiskers is to be better than everyone else.
I was the cat's whiskers at the party in my new tuxedo.

To purr Like A Cat
When something purrs like a cat, it runs very smoothly.
I just had some serious work done on my car. With the new parts, she really purrs like a cat!

Talking About Your Children

source: Twominute English     2013年4月2日
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0:07 In this lesson, we will see how to talk about common things related to your children.
0:17 Hey Katie. What’s up ?
0:20 Hey Patrick. I’m going to Paula’s school. I think she messed up again.
0:24 That’s the third time this month. Why don’t you talk to her?
0:29 I did. I guess she’s all worried about her exams. She’s under a lot of pressure.
0:35 She’s a freshman. The first year can be tough.
0:39 I know. I talked to her four three hours yesterday.There’s a lot of pressure on students these days.
0:46 She didn’t listen to me and just started crying
0:50 That’s bad, Katie. Maybe you should take her to a therapist.
0:54 I think that’s exactly what I’ll do.
1:03 Hey Shawna. Can you help me out with something?
1:06 Sure Katie. What is it?
1:09 Paula’s been under a lot of pressure lately. I don’t know what to do.
1:14 Why don't you ask her to join something she likes? What are her hobbies?
1:18 Well, she likes to play her guitar. She also likes painting and sketching.
1:25 Do you think she’ll like to join an art or music class?
1:29 I think so. Music and art are her favorite hobbies.
1:33 Great then. I know a place which offers weekend programs for teenagers. We can go there tomorrow.
1:38 Thanks a lot Shawna.
1:46 Hey! I’m Penny. We just moved here last week.
1:50 I’m Katie. Nice to meet you. Welcome to the neighbourhood. Anything I can help you out with?
1:56 Actually, yes. My son is a freshman and I don’t know anything about schools around here.
2:03 My daughter’s a freshman too. She goes to Belmont. It’s a nice school
2:08 Oh, really? That’s nice. Does Belmont have a good football team?
2:12 My son was in his last school’s football team. He wants to continue playing.
2:17 Sure. Don’t worry about it. It’s a great school. I take my daughter to school every morning.
2:22 You should come with us and have a look around.
2:26 That would be great. Thank you.
2:31 I’m going to Paula’s school.
2:35 I guess she’s all worried about her exams.
2:41 She’s under a lot of pressure.
2:45 What are her hobbies?
2:49 She also likes painting and sketching.
2:56 My daughter’s a freshman too.
3:02 She goes to Belmont.
3:06 I take my daughter to school every morning.